Digital makes authors wear many hats

Gone are the days when authors could only just write their manuscript, hand it to their literary agent, and let the publishing company do the rest. Today, authors should play an active role in getting their book into the hands of readers. They begin to learn the basics of social media advertising, video trailer production and even book web design and development.

Web design and development? In addition to wearing their writer’s hats, authors need to do just about everything that pertains to building an author platform, which comes in the form of an author website.

Why book author websites?

Should you bother yourself with an author website when a professional author Facebook page would be enough?

Marek Lewandowski said in her article for Almond Press, a Scotland-based independent publisher of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction, “Author websites are among the most accessible places for fans to celebrate an author’s work and for authors to captivate a reader’s ongoing interest.”

Little do authors know that a dynamic website for authors is part of the book marketing tools, strategy or campaign an author should have to reach out to tech-savvy readers. Book publisher Reedsy said it best, “In order to sell books, indie authors need to first invest in their books. Part of this involves using as many of the marketing resources in their arsenal as possible, and this absolutely includes an author website.”

There are huge benefits to having your own author website and not just relying on social media to promote your book or content. Readers nowadays turn to the internet to find books and research authors before purchasing them. And to get into the search engine results page (SERP), simply being on social media is not enough.

The primary benefit of having a ReadersMagnet author website is exposure from search engines such as Google and Bing. The search aspect is what separates websites from social media. Though social media will appear for some related searches, most results are hidden from the public view and you can view them if and only if you are logged in as a user of that social network.

The benefits of author websites illustrate just how many traditional publishers and self-publishing companies offer affordable book web design and development packages that go along with their publishing services.Dynamic website for authors engage readers and help to promote a new book.

Have more control of your content

With your own author website, you have more direct control of what your online visitors can access to and what you want them to learn about your book. Unlike with social media, websites do not rely on user comments and do not have the upvoting/reaction aspects, which can be a negative experience as users on free platforms will have no problem posting something offensive. With your author website, you can control aspects such as pages that are closed to comments, and blog, where you can post specific topics and manage and moderate comments.

Thanks to digital technology, self-published authors can now promote and market their books and other content without the support of mainstream media and celebrities. The disadvantages they experience with book marketing and promotion have been eliminated.

With many affordable book web design and development services today, you have no excuse to keep putting off the idea of an author website. For ReadersMagnet Dynamic Website you can contact us at 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2643 or email [email protected].