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Books about robots are prominent in science fiction, showing our internal fascination with humanoid machines implanted with AI (Artificial Intelligence) that serves as their brain/consciousness.

David Stewart, author of Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life, has a unique take on the robot trope. This is a novel book about the “creator of chaos,” a title given to Dr. Raisa Ilyushkin. Dr. Raisa is the main character and the one who invented a device called SANG. Her invention then creates the xenoborgs, which sets the stage for an awesome sci-fi tale.

Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life is just one of the many books that focus on robots. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Angel of Mortality and a bunch of other novels with some of the best robot stories within their pages.

Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun

This robot interpretation is more philosophical. It centers on an artificial companion who has only seen the light shining through a store window. While the world beyond the store’s doors is an enigma to Klara, she is aware of the possibility that she will be brought home by a youngster to be their friend.

And when a fragile young girl chooses her, it quickly becomes apparent that what Klara doesn’t know might fill a whole book. But what makes seeing the world through Klara’s eyes so tremendously fascinating is her naiveté and optimism.

S.B. Divya’s Machinehood

The government that deceived her to bring them down draws her back into government work when a bodyguard’s client is murdered directly in front of her by a terrorist group. Machinehood has given humanity an ultimatum: stop taking the drugs that make us survive and compete with AI in the gig economy, or the assaults will continue.

The Machinehood, however, are not some fringe bunch of Luddites; instead, they appear to be a strange hybrid of human and machine. But who exactly are they? And is that all they want—to cease making pills? Welga Ramirez is this time particularly suited to find out.

David Stewart’s Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life

This novel book about the “creator of chaos” tells the story of a fight that must be waged to save humanity and our planet after the birth of the SANG, a destructively potent machine.

Dr. Raisa Ilyushkin developed the SANG machine to produce xenoborgs, continent-sized organisms that combine robotics, nanobots, and artificial intelligence to make an effective living machine.

Similar to other books about robots or any story, there must always be an antagonist. Here, the antagonist is presented as Stepan Pavlovich, the head of the Apparat, a global criminal organization. Stepan stole a copy of the SANG with plans to utilize the device unjustly and evilly.

These evil plans revolve around reducing the world’s population, leaving only those who are loyal to him. Mass murder is Stepan’s preferred way to follow through with his plans, which is certainly not good. If Raisa doesn’t stop him, he will endanger civilization and life on Earth. Meanwhile, the Xenoborgs create their own personality and social structure.

Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life is certainly one of the best science fiction books regarding robots that people can read.

Yoon Ha Lee’s Phoenix Extravagant

In this stand-alone SFF book by sci-fi guru Yoon Ha Lee, a painter is forced into enrolling in a top-secret government program. Despite their sister’s enthusiasm for insurrection, Jebi has no desire to rebel.

However, when the government targets their sister, they find themselves unexpectedly contributing to the war effort of the occupying government. They end up assisting in the control of a massive mechanical dragon war machine.

It blends science fiction and fantasy, focusing on robot perfection.

Spend Your Time Reading These Fantastic Books About Robots

Now that you know some books focusing on robots, it’s time to enjoy them. Tales of robots are fun to read and can hold important lessons that benefit readers. If you’re into robotics, mechas, AI, and other related subgenres, the books we listed here will suit your liking.

With that said, purchase a copy of this novel book about the “creator of chaos” by visiting the author’s website. Check out some of our other blogs, and discover The Madhouse Projects by Rick Badman!