Before, trauma and abuse was never part of mainstream conversation, a risky and sensitive topic that not many are comfortable of talking about. Fast forward to today, our understanding of these circumstances is much more nuanced, and everyone are speaking out and helping one another to heal and recover from painful pasts. This conversation is never not relevant, therefore, today, ReadersMagnet features five remarkable books that everyone needs to read.

Trauma Bond Recovery Journal by Lisa A. Sonni

Published only this year, Lisa Sonni presents a powerful journal that will take readers through the steps of recovering from a trauma bond. The book offers a space to reflect on life, relationships, and love so readers can break the trauma bond. Her words will make you rethink and get to the roots of toxic bond. This journal is timely, this will help you understand the invisible chain that tethers you to your abuser can be broken. Trauma Bond Recovery Journal is the perfect material to help readers evaluate past and current relationships to move forward.

The Other Side of Fear by W. Veronica Lisare

Author W. Veronica Lisare bares all in her debut nonfiction work, from abuse, crippling fear, to low self-esteem, and ultimately knowing the love of God. Veronica’s book on finding your true value and identity connects the reader’s heart and soul into the world of a woman born into the throws of tragedy, and miraculously survived. The threads woven throughout the chapters to share intimate details of her life’s challenges, walking into the darkness until finally reaching the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, the book goes beyond the universal theme of trauma and abuse, it offer strategies for healing and recovery. Veronica blazes a trail as an advocate of light for those walking in a similar shadow to bring healing and recovery, courage and choices for positivity.

Growing Through It by Ella Frick

Another memoir on our list is from child abuse survivor Ella Frick. Growing Through It is a gripping and heart-wrenching account of her troubled childhood which was a mix of trauma, neglect, failed relationships, identity crisis, and generational pain. As a reliable author of the memoir, Ella recalls how she overcame neglect and abuse and shares her journey through life with others in hopes that her story will help others in the same situation. It provides hope through survivor’s story. It tackles heavy issues that most children suffer and how having faith in God can empower anyone in their own journey to healing.

Mascara Boy by Brandon Lee         

Many probably already know the name Brandon Lee, a five-time Emmy winning journalist for his reporting on the opioid crisis. But behind this media personality is a broken man. In Mascara Boy, he recollects the beginnings of his trauma: abuse by his piano teacher and youth soccer coach. Now, at the age of 37, he broke his silence and so must others. This book will change and convince others who went the same situation to speak out their truths and finally be heard after keeping quiet. It’s so rare for people to open their souls, especially a man, in this time and day. This is a well-written story told with such raw honesty that it will touch every corner of your mind.

The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

The Courage to Heal is an inspiring, comprehensive resource that offers hope for those wanting to start their healing journey. These two women are brave enough to take a risky topic and put it on paper to help and inspire abused women. Weaving together personal experiences and professional knowledge, the authors provide clear explanations, practical suggestions, and support throughout the process. This gives a structured outlet for the survivor’s thoughts, feelings, and goals. The Courage to Heal speaks volumes of pain and suffering.