Here are five remarkable Christian children’s storybooks to read this month of April 2021.

A Kid’s Life by Alana Konieczka

A Kid’s Life is a 2019 children’s illustrated book by Alana Konieczka. The book is a compilation of short stories for children with various topics and themes. This inspiring Christian kid’s storybook talks about bullying, acceptance, friendship, family, and other subjects that both children and adults can relate to. Some of the stories in the book are inspired by real events or based on personal experiences by the author. Other stories that children will love include Grandma’s Magic PantsLiz’s Troubles (a story about family), and Me and My DogMe and My Dog reflect Alana Konieczka’s love for animals. Each of the stories contains valuable lessons in life. The illustrations in the book are all done by Alana Konieczka’s nephew, Mike Soucie. 

Psalm Twenty-Three by Tim Ladwig 

Published more than twenty years ago, Tim Ladwig’s Psalm Twenty-three remains a heartwarming relevant read, especially for African-American families. It highlights the powerful message that we can rely on the Lord as we journey our way through the risk-filled maze of daily life in the city. The book is famous for Tim Ladwig’s glowing, realistic paintings of two African American children who are part of a warm, extended family in a bleak, urban neighborhood. The classic images portray the fears of everyday life and the love and faith of one of the most beautiful passages in the Bible. Psalm Twenty-Three display contemporary images and reintroduce Psalm 23 to young readers which is still very much relevant in today’s modern society. Psalm Twenty-Three by Tim Ladwig reminds us about the powerful message of hope, faith, and comfort that God wants us to embrace.

 The World is Awake by Linsey Davis

The World Is Awake: A Celebration of Everyday blessings is the complete title of the 2018 children’s rhyme book by ABC News World News Tonight anchor and bestselling author Linsey Davis. The World is Awake is a picture book that celebrates the simple joys in life and God’s many blessings. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations and read-aloud rhymes that are designed to be shared by parents and children during bedtime or storytime. The illustrations are done by bestselling artist Lucy Fleming. The World is Awake by Linsey Davies reminds readers of the everyday miracles we experience everywhere. The World is Awake is recommended for young readers ages four to eight years old and makes a wonderful present for birthdays, Easter, and other gift-giving holidays.

Sing a Song by Kelly Starling Lyons

Sing a Song by Kelly Starling Lyons is a 2019 children’s illustrated book that features the history of the famous praise song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” originally written by two African-American brothers. The song plays a significant part in African-Americans’ lives as it has inspired them to resist racism and oppression and keep a strong faith. Lyons takes us back to 1900 in Jacksonville, Florida where, two brothers, one of them the principal of a segregated, all-black school, wrote the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” They wrote the song so his students could sing it as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Since then, the song became an inspiration and solace for African-American people. The song is passed on from one generation to the next. Today, many refer to it as the Black National Anthem, and it is sung during major moments of the Civil Rights Movement and at family gatherings and college graduations.

God’s Dream by Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a famous figure in theology and as a social activist, and as an author. More than a decade ago, the former Archbishop of Cape Town published a children’s illustrated book titled God’s Dream. In his book, Archbishop Desmond Tutu shares a vision of God’s dream. In the dream, he sees people who reach out and hold each other’s hands but sometimes get angry and hurt each other — and say they’re sorry and forgive. According to Tutu, this is God’s wish that everyone will see and treat each other as brothers and sisters, no matter their way of speaking to God, no matter their physical features or skin color. Filled with vibrant artworks, Tutu offers the essence of his Ubuntu philosophy- a pearl of wisdom so clear and crystalline that even the youngest minds will appreciate and truly understand.