Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? by Marianna Albritton invites and guides readers into building a close relationship with God, one beautiful step at a time.

Building a relationship with God is a process and the gift of faith may be acquired one step at a time. Since the Biblical times, ancient prophets and even Jesus’s disciples went through a series of realizations, learnings, and spiritual awakenings before they fully embrace a strong and steadfast relationship with God. From Abraham to Moses to David and even with His own beloved son Jesus, building a relationship with God is like climbing a ladder towards Him- one rung at a time. This is what author Marianna Albritton wishes her readers to understand. Her book Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? is a remarkable spiritual guide for everyone who wishes to embrace God’s grace and presence. ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look.

Climbing Closer to God: One Meaningful Rung at a Time

Come Climb Closer to God by Marianna W. Albritton

Climbing Closer to God: Are You Hungry for God? is a2013 inspirational book by Mariana Albritton. The book is divided into seven remarkably-written chapters with a study guide at the end. In this book, the author shares her meaningful journey of forging a healthy and strong relationship with God and invites her readers to embrace the process of being a ‘growing Christian’ rather than striving to be a ‘super Christian’. It is a book that generally invites us to ‘ask’, ‘acknowledge’, and ‘admit’. Albritton starts her book with these three important postulates- ask Jesus to save us from sin, acknowledge that He died on the cross to pay for our trespasses all the time, and to admit that Jesus kept His and saved us.

The highlight of Marianna Albritton’s books is the seven calling points discussed in every chapter. The calling points are the following: seeking JesusLordshipServiceThe Crucifixion of the Selfresurrectioncall to rest, and abiding in Christ. These calling points served not only as chapters for discussion but representations of Albritton’s image of a ladder leading to God. Each hunger for God is a rung in the ladder closer to God and fulfillment. These are the rungs that one must climb in order to genuinely build a deep and meaningful relationship with our Creator.

“For the first time, a person begins to think about God in a personal way. Questions begin to arise in one’s mind about “how to find God, how to belong to God, or what does God want me to do”. This hunger is placed in a person by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit puts hunger for God in each person’s soul. God puts this hunger at some time in everyone’s life.” –Marianna Albritton, Come Climb Closer to God.

In each chapter, Albritton shares an in-depth discussion of each point of calling. In doing so, she also shares her own spiritual awakening and journey towards God. What makes each chapter so pleasant and enjoyable to read is that it is written in a creative yet simple manner with the sincere goal of making readers fully appreciate the wisdom in every paragraph, every metaphor, and every personal story she shared.

Among the refreshing ideas that Albritton shares are how we should view Jesus and the idea of crucifixion. She emphasizes that Jesus is not only a historical figure but more importantly an entity that we can have a personal relationship with, a savior that will help us gain salvation and direction in life.

Overall, Marianna Albritton’s Come Climb Closer to God is an essential read for those who want to truly experience a spiritual awakening and seek God’s grace and salvation. It serves as a simple yet very effective guide that will truly make us understand what it takes to build a meaningful bond with God, one step at a time. It is filled with humility, wisdom, and sincerity. With only seven chapters in the book and written in a conversational manner, Come Climb Closer to God is a breath of fresh air with no pretensions and complex analogies. It is a book meant to be read by people, young and old.


About Marianna Albritton

Marianna Albritton was born prematurely. Because incubators or NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) were not yet available during those times, the attending physician was not sure of Marianna’s survival. Thankfully, Marianna survived. She considers it a personal miracle. Since then God has always been the central force in her life.

Albritton decided to attend Southeastern Junior College in Laurel Mississippi for a two-year Bible Study program. The school’s program equipped her with a good foundation for advanced Bible study. It was also there that she developed her passion for writing. She uses her talent for writing to let others know more about God. Marianna is also active in Bible study discussions. Her book Come Climb Closer to God: Are You Hungry for God? is a product of her long years and extensive experience in Biblical studies.