ReadersMagnet Review presents these five amazing cookbooks that feature easy baking recipes for beginners.

Generations of Good Food by Eleanor Gaccetta

Eleanor Gaccetta’s Generations of Good Food is not strictly a pastry cookbook. It is a collection of over 200 home recipes that includes dishes, bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and candy. But what makes this a fantastic book for novices in the kitchen, including aspiring bakers, is that it teaches the basics of home cooking and using staple ingredients and equipment. In this book, Gaccetta guides readers to bake at home and prepare basic baking recipes such as bread and pies. Cooking for the family is the first step for developing a love for preparing food, including baking. The recipes featured in this book are also simple and perfect for those who are just venturing into baking. Gaccetta’s Generations of Good Food is light and easy to absorb for beginners.

Easy Baking from Scratch by Eileen Gray

Easy Baking From Scratch: Quick Tutorials Time-Saving Tips Extraordinary Sweet and Savory Classics is the complete title of Eileen Gray’s 2018 baking cookbook. As the title suggests, the book is designed for easy baking tutorials on essential baking skills, which covers basic kitchen preparation, knowing the essential tools, appliances, and ingredients for baking. The book is divided into chapters, with each chapter containing tutorial tips and helpful hacks to make your baking experience easy and less time-consuming. Easy Baking from Scratch also offers 100 classic baking recipes covering a wide array of delicacies from cookies, cakes, pastries, tarts, biscuits, bread, and pizza dough. Eileen Gray also teaches young bakers how to prepare quickly and clean up after each baking session.

Baking Basics by Lora Brody

For more than twenty years now, Lora Brody’s classic baking book for beginners, Basic Baking: Everything You Need to Know to Start Baking plus 101 Luscious Dessert Recipes that Anyone Can Make, has been inspiring young bakers around the world. Baking Basic will teach readers basic terminologies, explain the role of each ingredient, the difference between baking soda and baking powder, measuring ingredients, separating eggs, and other essential processes. In this book, beginners will learn how to fold, beat and mix as they make their way into their first batch of brownies and cookies. Lora Brody’s cookbook also shares over a hundred recipes for baking for readers to learn, master, and experiment with. But overall, the book is designed for aspiring bakers to learn the basic techniques and technicalities.

Baking for Beginners Edited by Ann Nicol

Ann Nicol is a cookery writer, editor, food stylist, and expert on baking and cake decorating. Nicol has written for leading magazines, including BBC Good Food, Best, and Woman’s Weekly. In 2010, the author of The Best-ever Book of Cakes and 100 Great Baking Recipes released Baking for Beginners. The book is a compilation of basic baking lessons, an introduction to ingredients, and a wide variety of baking recipes that will teach readers how to bake and ensure and monitor their progress. The book contains recipes that range from extra-simple to slightly advanced pastries. Baking for Beginners is designed for those who are interested in basic baking and those who are thinking of elevating their knowledge and acquiring mastery in baking.

Super Simple Baking for Kids by Charity Curley

The good thing about baking compared to cooking is that even kids can do it. You need not worry about sharp knives or gas stoves. Baking primarily involves mixing ingredients and kneading dough. Charity Curley’s Super Simple Baking for Kids teaches young kids basic baking skills that involve separating eggs, getting familiar with the equipment, safety, and the key processes in baking simple recipes. The book is designed for children six years old to twelve. The book provides 55 delicious baking recipes that will introduce kids to different baking skills, techniques, and types of pastries. Each recipe uses 5 to 10 ingredients max with no need for fancy equipment. Recipes are also labeled according to the level of easiness. Super Simple Baking for Kids is the perfect book for introducing kids to baking.