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Are you bored with your life right now? Try these crazy bucket lists you can do before riding off into the sunset.

Let loose the insane being for once, and life will never stop to be a brand new adventure every second of the day. Do whatever it takes to satiate that wackiest spirit within you so you can say that you had a life well lived. To life, to you, and your crazy essence, below are some of the craziest things you must do before you die. 

Travel to someplace new where you do not understand their language, and they do not understand yours. And then get lost in exploring the abbeys and the alleys, deciphering your way out only to find a new path. Try to speak to random strangers even when you can’t make a tail or head of what they say. Bless them, ask them, or even cuss them- all at your own crazy will because they are blissfully ignorant of you. There’s a different allure of dwelling in the unknown, and here’s your chance to unravel the craze and haze of it.

Pranking up someone. No, do not do it just during April Fool’s Day. Put on your full-view craziest side mode and prank someone so severely that they might cry! That’s not rude (not at all!), given that you are being officially tagged as someone crazy but be sure to prank a person who doesn’t easily take any offense. Being on the safest side is as vital as being on the craziest!

Perform on the streets for once. You can dance or sing, cry or act, smile or scream, or do anything. If it’s entertaining or intriguing enough to catch attention, we christen it a performance! So acknowledge your fans and even cash in on some pennies for the performance of your lifetime.

Attempting a World Record. No, you don’t need to clock a few seconds or milliseconds at the Olympics to make your way to the record books. The world is full of people making and breaking downright weird, if not meaningless, records. Attempting to be one of them is sure to be crazy fun, and intense, but there are other perks. Why would you not like to see your name go down in history as one of the best? So even if it’s flaunting the longest beard in the world or making the giant pastry you can imagine, extend your craziest limits with this one.

Talking about crazy things in life has something in common with the book “We’re All Crazy: Get Used to It!” by Jerry Skolnik. This book tells readers that cultivating the right mindset will help us get through this crazy thing we call life. Smile as you dive deep into the book’s humorous, informative, and great content. It also highlights the power of having the proper mindset as we journey through life with limitless responsibilities. This highly-motivating book is a practical guide that anyone can use to enjoy life to the fullest instead of drowning in it. From watching our words to believing in ourselves, each of its forty-three chapters has tried-and-true techniques for maintaining a smile rather than a frown.

Book Excerpts

Jerry talks about your personal money story.

Whether you take a risk or not, you are taking a risk.

Watch your choice of words at all times.

Let your little child out every once in a while.

Author’s Bio

Jerry Skolnik is an expert speaker, sales manager, and author. He has spent much of his life building a career in sales covering the oil and beauty industries. As a sales manager, Jerry puts people first yet still delivers significant growth. He believes viewing customers as people is the key to groundbreaking sales growth.

Further, Jerry loves to share bite-sized advice on positivity and the right mindset in his free time. Jerry has two adult children. A devoted family guy, he is a wonderful grandfather to five grandchildren. Jerry Skolnik resides in San Marcos, California.