ReadersMagnet Review recommends these five creative educational books for children to read this month.

Super Good Baking for Kids by Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman is a renowned celebrity chef (the host of Ace of Cakes and Kids Baking Championship) and a New York Times bestselling cookbook author. Last year, Goldman released a cookbook that teaches young kids how to bake delicious dishes. Goldman’s Super Good Baking for Kids is filled with amazing treats that will equip young people with the proper science and appreciation for baking, from cupcakes to pizzas. For the genius chef, baking should be all about three things: super fun, super delicious, and super creative. Super Good Baking for Kids is a must-have for children (and even adults) who want to learn how to bake the gooiest, chewiest, easiest-to-follow recipes.

My Chore Chart Book by The GrandKids Press

Household chores are among the primary things that children should learn early in life. It promotes responsibility and discipline. In 2019, The GrandKids Press released My Chore Chart Book: Daily and Weekly Responsibility Task Charts For Kids for 1 Year (53 weeks). It is a wonderful chartbook that helps parents assign simple tasks for children. It is designed to develop a good habit of helping the family with various household chores and actually be responsible for them. That chart also contains assignments good for 53 weeks or equivalent to a year. Children can tick, cross, place a sticker or color the circle once the task is completed.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad by Keith N. Corman

Safety in public transportation and travel is essential for everyone, especially kids. Keith N. Corman released a children’s illustrated book entitled Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad in 2016. The book is about two young kids visiting a railroad yard with their father and his railroad engineer friend. As they tour the yard, they discover the importance of safety in railroads and public transport. Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is a fun and educational book that will assist parents and teachers in teaching kids to be constantly mindful of the rules and safety measures when traveling or being out in public transport such as trains, ships, and even airplanes. The earlier kids will develop this mindset, the lesser they are at risk with travel accidents.

The Story of Paintings by M.I.C.K. MANNING

The Story of Paintings is a 2017 art book for kids by M.I.C.K. MANNING. It features fantastic paintings, from prehistoric cave art to graffitis, in the hopes of introducing young kids to the majestic world of paintings. Readers will enjoy an exhibition of fantastic art and time travel through the centuries and learn all about 39 paintings. The collection features a galloping horse painted in the Lascaux Caves during the Stone Age, Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus and Velázquez’s Las Meninas, timeless masterpieces by Dalí, Picasso, Kahlo, and Basquiat. Each spread displays a different painting, along with a profile of the artist, kid-friendly cartoons, and fun trivia questions (like, “What do you think Mona Lisa is smiling about?”) and spot details in each work.

I Know My Fruits and Vegetables by Ana Bell

Children can be picky about what they eat. Most kids prefer burgers, fries, and chips. Vegetables and fruits are often ignored. This has been a common problem for parents. But what if you have the opportunity to creatively introduce your kids to a list of wonderful vegetables and fruits and why they are essential for our bodies? Ana Bell’s I Know My Fruits and Vegetables is a collection of fruits and vegetables in 40+ bright and colorful high-quality pictures that will help kids remember and encourage them to appreciate the value of these fantastic foods. Parents will enjoy showing these amazing images to toddlers and children. What is more impressive is that you can download this e-book for only $0.99.