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Advice on finding a mate can typically involve the what-to-look-for variety. But what exactly do you imagine will be different in your life when this desire is fulfilled?

When one asks, “What is God?” The answer can be “God is LOVE.” It is also said that God is infinite in every atom of creation and that the universe itself is made from Love. Well, no wonder there are so many songs written about it!

Relatively, as vast as the topic of Love and relationships is, there is a convenient side to them. It may indeed be fun to fantasize about finding your one true love while embarking on a magical quest to slay dragons. Still, there are pragmatic steps that one can take to manifest a spiritual partner and relationship in the real world.

The Perfect Imperfection

People thought that finding “the one” would be an end in itself. You felt this person would be perfect for you and somehow “complete” you. Well, not exactly. That is a romantic delusion.

In reality — in the world of duality, every fulfillment attracts its opposite. You get the idea that the principle of duality still applies in finding your life partner. Your partner may be beautiful, yet will also come into your life with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. They may indeed be most loving and serene, but you might perceive just the opposite from their forgetting a birthday or something else important.

How can you relate to nature’s duality and this longing for a mate? The great ones guide people to strive to be even-minded in the face of loss or gain – as all in this material world is fleeting except God. What is it you want to gain – or think you will learn from the experience of having the perfect mate in this lifetime? This is where the book Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff comes in.

Divine Romance and Perfect Partnership

In this stunning book on the incomparable powers and joys of Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership, Dr. Linda offers enlightening keys to preparing for, recognizing, and attracting your perfect eternal mate ~ and how to sustain your relationship forever.

Whether individual or couple, learn how to constantly renew all your relationships spanning the wide circumference of your life but to lift all in your world to the highest level and experience greater fulfillment, bliss, and attainment than ever before.

Ultimate Laws of Attraction, Affinity, and all the Powers of Unconditional Love are revealed. There is no doubt that the most excellent mantra for Divine Relationship exists in the Timeless and Immortal words, “Where there are two or more gathered in my name, there I am!”

Discover the Sublime Qualities that Exist and Flow between Partners whose Relationships are Exalted, Harmonized, and Perfected in Divine Purpose and Love. Learn how to make these treasured values your very own.

About Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the founder of the New Thought International, Inc. and New Thought Institute of New York. She is also the celebrated author of Bridge of the Gods, Divine Prosperity, Living the Miracle Consciousness, Mysticism & Ultimate Divine Healing, Immortality Now and Forever, and Songs of Eternity. Current Works include a ten (10) Volume Series on Attaining Divine Consciousness and, most recently, “A 3 Volume Collection of Inspirational Talks & Teachings of Dr. De Coff, has been published by New Thought International Library.

Reverend De Coff has been honored at the United Nations and has spoken worldwide on Universal Spirituality and Advanced Consciousness themes. She was honored to be selected as a finalist for the annual Authors Show publication, “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading!” This is in recognition of her empowering and inspirational works on Higher Consciousness and the next step in spiritual evolution for the kindest advancement of all humanity.