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Believe it or not, there are dog secrets you didn’t know, and you’ll certainly have fun discovering them here in this blog post.

Yvonne Bronstorph, author of “Dogs With Attitude,” is a dog lover by heart. She has dogs as pets, which is the inspiration for the dogs mentioned in her book. Their shenanigans have led her to write her cute and wholesome children’s book for readers, both young and old, to enjoy.

With that in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at the dog secrets you most likely didn’t know. We’ll definitely have fun discovering them together!

Dogs Have Similar Brains to a 2-Year-Old Child

Your dog has the intelligence of a two-year-old! Have you ever wondered why kids this age appear to have an especially close connection with their family’s dog? It might be because they actually utilize the same motions and around 250 words in their language.

Dogs Can Smell Their Fur Parent’s and Sibling’s Feelings

Your dog is able to smell your emotions. Actually, compared to humans, your dog has a sense of smell that is almost 100,000 times stronger. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can smell emotions like dread. A dog can sense when a human is afraid because they perspire, and dogs are highly perceptive. 

Dogs Can Help Detected Cancer So That We Can Treat Them Early

Dogs are capable of being trained to recognize cancer and other human ailments. In the human body, malignant cells release distinct metabolic waste products from healthy cells. It’s possible that dogs can detect cancer cells only by smelling someone’s breath.

Dogs Can Be Your “Wing Man” or “Wing Woman” to Get Dates

You can score a date with your dog’s aid! According to one study, having a dog increased a man’s chances of obtaining a girl’s phone number from 10% to 33%. A startling 66% of men and women in the study said they would never date someone who didn’t enjoy animals.

This is one of the dog secrets you didn’t know about that’s actually pretty sweet. Yvonne Bronstorph would certainly agree that it’s a “shenanigan” that her dogs would probably do. It’s one of those fun facts about dogs that those looking for a relationship would appreciate.

Dogs Poop to Align With the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Your dog likes to urinate according to the Earth’s magnetic field, so he meticulously selects the ideal location. Furthermore, according to a recent study that has been published within the journal Frontiers in Zoology, dogs prefer to go along a north-south axis. According to the study, dogs may be sensitive to even minute changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

A Dog’s Nose Is Wet Because of a Fascinating Reason

Dogs’ wet noses are beneficial for absorbing smell compounds. Dogs have unique glands inside their noses that secrete mucus to keep their nasal canals moist. What enhances a dog’s capacity to smell is a thin film of mucus that sticks to the nose, boosting the absorption of scent molecules.

Dogs Can Hear Extremely Well—Like Exceptionally Well

Although dogs have an incredible sense of smell, don’t underestimate their hearing abilities! Dogs can detect a wide range of noises that humans cannot because of various factors, including the structure and orientation of their ears. In actuality, the most widely accepted theory of why canines tilt their heads on either side is that they are attempting to find the source of a noise.

These Were Dog Secrets You Didn’t Know Then That You Now Know

We hope that you had fun learning these dog secrets that not a lot of people know about. By understanding your furry friends better, you can appreciate and love them even more.

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