Photo by Hannah Lim

Dogs with Attitude by Yvonne Bronstorph is a fun romp depicting the antics of five fun-loving dogs; it is dedicated to the animals and all the pet owners.

Five dogs—Tiger, Scrappy, Sammy, Champ, and Bow Wow—are five dogs, each with an attitude, simply playing and thriving in a world full of fun and wonder. But each dog lives thinking they are a soccer player, bodyguard, slippery eel, head hunter, and army general.

It is a wonderful book that takes readers along for a wild and amazing ride across the world from the point of view of fun-loving dogs who simply want to enjoy life and immerse themselves in the professions they think that they have.

Dogs with Attitude by Yvonne Bronstorph is a lovely illustrated book for everyone, but especially for humanity’s best friends and responsible and reliable pet owners. It was also written so that pet owners learn to appreciate their memories with their animal companions, remembering their love, their protection, and the mountains of joy they heaped onto them before they had to leave for the green meadows in the sky.

What makes Dogs with Attitude such an amusing read is the fact that each of the canine friends—Tiger, Scrappy, Sammy, Champ, and Bow Wow—have such distinct and memorable personalities, meshing well with their “professions” and being joyful little puppers.

Do Our Canine Friends Actually Have Personalities?

The premise of Dogs with Attitude is an interesting topic to think about. Do man’s best friends actually have personalities and attitudes like humans themselves? 

Well, science says they do.

A lot like the humans they run around with and were domesticated by, our canine friends have widely divergent and wildly contrasting personalities. Although, unlike humans with their more complex brains, dogs can only convey a select few personality types, with one usually dominating, becoming their default “persona” in every normal interaction. 

Determining a dog’s dominant personality trait is important to make a thorough and accurate evaluation of the correct way of managing and disciplining the dog in question. It is a lot like interacting with people, really, in that there might be multiple ways to approach a person, but, depending on their personality, there is only a handful that is objectively right. 

You wouldn’t jump out of the bushes to introduce yourself to a shy introvert, would you? 

It’s the same with dogs. If you encounter an aggressive dog, you have to approach it cautiously. If you encounter a timid dog, you have to approach it calmly. 

Getting a handle on your dog’s dominant personality type is important to know how to understand them and sympathize with their behavior, meaning that you are more in tune with their likes and dislikes.

While there are a hundred different variations out there, it is typically agreed upon that there are only five main personality types for dogs.

  • The Extroverted Dog is a dog that is relaxed with its surroundings and wants to please.
  • The Flexible Dog is a dog that is anxious to fit in with the people around it.
  • The Free-Spirited Dog is a dog that has its own ideas about where to go and how to act.
  • The Introverted Dog is a dog that is extremely shy and prone to surprise.
  • The Lazy or Friendly Dog is a dog that is very laid back and loves to go on walks.

Read Dogs with Attitude by Yvonne Bronstorph and learn what personality types the dogs—Tiger, Scrappy, Sammy, Champ, and Bow Wow—have!


Yvonne Bronstorph, while a native of Jamaica, is a retired educator living in the United States of America, having studied in England. She is your average enjoyer of classical music, being somewhat proficient in the cello, recorder, clarinet, and guitar. She is now enjoying her life as a wife, mother, and grandmother while continuing to pursue her love for reading, writing, and music.