The most popular genre of all time, Romance, is a female-dominated world. However, numerous male authors are rising to write romance stories. Romance books have churned out quite a few male authors who give hopeless romantics a run for their money. Some of the most celebrated romance books are written by these male authors. Here is a list of a few greatest romance books written by male romance writers. 

Crossing to Safety by Wallace Earle Stagner

Crossing to Safety is a book written by Wallace Earle Stagner in 1987. This is a semi-autobiographical novel that gained broad literary acclaim and was republished in 2002. Stagner explores the deep feelings associated with friendship, marriage, turmoil, and ups and downs that all couples face at least once. This is a poignant story of two couples from two different states, Vermont and Wisconsin, that will touch readers in many different ways. Crossing to Safety is a simple story with no giant plot or action instead told deeply. This traces the lives, loves, and aspirations of two couples— two wives of two professors. Stagner’s outstanding book will leave you with questions and wondering about what life and love indeed are. 

Playing Hurt by Gerald Nardella

Gerald Nardella’s Playing Hurt is a salient teenage love story with drama and social pressures set in the 1960s. This was first published in 2015 and has received praise and good reviews from readers. Playing Hurt tells Brian and Deanie’s story as they navigate through the trials thrown their way during their senior year in high school. The portrayal of teenage love by Gerald Nardella was intense, emotional, and relatable to readers despite the story being set in the 60s. Playing Hurt presented the variety of norms of a teenager’s life in the past but is still not approved in today’s society. Teen readers can relate to how the characters transition to adolescence and the roller coaster emotional ride of life. Playing hurt will slap readers, no matter what age range, of the realities. Nardella did not write a short and sweet story like most romance books but a story that will share moving lessons to readers’ life. 

Water from the Heart by Charles Martin

Water from the Heart is an enchanting novel of love, redemption, and football. Charles Martin first published this in 2016. This book will keep readers spellbound with the Romance and story of Charlie Finn. Martin created not only a spellbinding story but also unforgettable characters that will captivate any reader. The characters will take readers on a journey of their hidden pasts and futures of faith, friendship, and grace. What’s striking about the book is how much it emphasizes goodness and hope when many books struggle between good and evil. Water from the Heart is an exciting read that will showcase the triumph of good after much struggle and suffering. The character Charlie was a gray one who appears sympathetic and despicable. He was forced to grow up with no moral compass until he met a woman who mends his evil ways. Martin did a great job in the protagonist’s character development. 

Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore

Michael Poore mixed fantasy and Romance in Reincarnation Blues. This story is not that simple; readers will be surprised by the extraordinary events and valuable lessons about life found in this book. This is not solely about Milo and Suzie’s love story, but it is everyone’s story. Milo is not precisely a time-traveler; instead, he is a reincarnation of himself, and he has been reincarnated almost 10,000 times. When he reaches the 10,000 mark, he can quit and earn a place in the cosmic soul. Milo and Suzie will take you on a journey from the cradle to the grave in this enchanting and heartbreaking story by Michael Poore. Readers will find themselves laughing and sobbing in the absurdities of Reincarnation Blues.

See Me by Nicholas Sparks

We can not have this renowned author on our list—Nicholas Sparks, known to have several best selling romance books with tragic or happy endings. See Me is a 2015 book written by Sparks. This is about a chance encounter between a successful lawyer and a rebellious bad boy. Readers will fall in love together with Colin and Maria. However, See Me is not an ordinary love story. Mystery and suspense are surrounding the two main characters. See Me is a book filled with emotion, drama, and fueled with suspense. Readers will be reminded that love can sometimes emerge during crises and that only the people who see can genuinely love.