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Experiencing spiritual encounters is such an inspiring and uplifting moment that ignites a sense of purpose in our lives.

The idea that there is a higher power that illuminates upon us provides a sense of serenity in our lives. Loneliness, a feeling that can sometimes overwhelm us, can be alleviated by grappling with the power of unseen forces. This book, in its exploration of the idea that we are never truly alone in life, offers a comforting solace.

The book Wait… The Reality Is That We Are Never Alone by Brenda Gatliff delves into deep spiritual and physical connections. It offers a sneak peek beyond our world as we touch upon the vastness of the universe, challenging our perception of reality. As we take on a fascinating expedition, we can encounter the mysteries beyond awareness, faith, and fortitude.

We strongly urge you to read this book, as it has the power to open your mind to the interconnectedness of all things and to expand your understanding of it. This book is a potent tool that can empower you to delve deeper into reality and the realms that exist beyond it. 

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Experiencing Spiritual Encounters with God

One of the significant moments that could happen in life is experiencing spiritual encounters. When we encounter such a wonderful experience, hope sparks, and our faith flourishes—particularly implying the encounter of God’s consuming presence.  

Experiencing spiritual encounters with God delivers a profound impact on us that changes our lives completely in a way. To experience the presence of God is to be enveloped in His overwhelming and unwavering love and power.

This begs the question, have you encountered God?

The Impact of Encountering God

The divine plans God has in store for us surpass any aspirations we could conceive. When we experience a deep encounter with Him, this truth is reinforced as He reclaims our hearts. Moreover, with His presence, we are led to realize that the heavy burden of life we have been carrying is lifted from our weary shoulders, bringing us a sense of relief and peace.

Encountering God ignites a sense of purpose, transforming us into powerful ambassadors for Christ. As we invest more time in prayer, delve into His word, and bask in His presence, our understanding of this ambassadorial calling deepens and becomes more refined. This encounter with Him opens our eyes to the necessity of actively contributing to establishing His kingdom on earth.

With that said, the presence of God is like a refining fire, constantly shaping and strengthening us. Encountering Him is not a one-time event but a continuous process that affirms our power to overcome sin and deepens our yearning for His presence. We are called to nurture a constant fellowship with Him in every aspect of our lives.

God Is with Us

God’s omnipresence signifies that He is present in all places at all times, encompassing all of His creation. This is a fundamental aspect of His divine nature.  His attributes of omniscience, representing all-encompassing knowledge and omnipotence, signifying unlimited power, coincide with God’s omnipresence.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

A faithful life involves a faithful journey with God. Often, we perceive that we are alone in our journey. We become lost in the midst and seek purpose and meaning without knowing that we are accompanied by God, who is with us all the time and everywhere. This reminds us of the power of His presence and how faith brings us forward into pure and genuine bliss.

Ultimately, we are called not to be in dismay, as He is with us wherever we go. Thus, life becomes more meaningful, and we become more hopeful.