Check out these latest fantasy children’s for March 2021.

The Girl and the Ghost by Hanna Alkaf

The Girl and the Ghost is a children’s fantasy story by Hanna Alkaf, published in August 2020. It is based on a Malayan folk tale. The story features Suraya and her witch grandmother. One day, her grandmother gifts her with a pelesit or a spirit companion. Suraya names her ghost Pink, and they instantly bonded. However, the young girl is not aware that pelesits have a dark side. They have both light and dark, and when Pink’s shadow threatens to consume both Pink and Suraya, the two must find enough light to hold the darkness at bay. Otherwise, the shadow will take over, and both will be lost into darkness. The Girl and the Ghost is a story of jealousy, friendship, and kindness. Hanna Alkaf successfully re-introduces this classic Malayan folk tale to modern readers around the world.

My Daddies by Gareth Peter 2021

Gareth Peter’s My Daddies is a heartwarming children’s illustrated book published in 2021. Although it is not a literal fantasy adventure book, it is on our list because it’s all about introducing children to different realities about families. The book is set off a series of amazing adventures by an adorable family. As the stories are read, realities come to life, and we are taken to many different places with battle dragons, deadly dinosaurs, the moon, and exploring the world via a hot air balloon before returning to a cozy bedroom. My Daddies is a wonderful bedtime story with illustrations done by award-winning artist Garry Parsons. Gareth Peter’s adventure book is destined to be a modern, timeless classic.

Lizzie and Leopold by Patricia A. Gummeson

Lizzie and Leopold by Patricia A. Gummeson tell the story Patricia’s two imaginary friends. They spend a lot of time in her grandmother’s secret garden, where they tell her stories about their lives and what happens in the garden. They also introduced her to many of their friends in the garden. Lizzie and Leopold is a fantasy story that’s told from the vantage view of a child. As children, many of us grew up with imaginary friends and fantasies. These imaginary friends have brought us many adventures and lessons. Patricia A. Gummeson wants to stimulate young readers’ imaginations by writing a fantasy book about the joy of having imaginary friends. Lizzie and Leopold is a light children’s read that kids will certainly enjoy.

Good As Gold by Sarah Mlynowski 

Sarah Mlynowski is a multi-awarded author. Good as Gold is her latest work and is the 14th book in the bestselling series featuring fantasy tales from fearless kids, Whatever After. This time, siblings Abby and Jonah, together with their puppy named Prince, are sent into a house in the woods. The magic mirror sent the three into the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Of course, we all know about the porridge to taste, chairs to sit on, and beds to nap in. But Goldilocks is in a LOT of trouble, and if we can’t help her, they all are doomed to be stuck there forever. So the three must-do fearless tasks, which include skateboarding down a mountain, convincing the bears not to eat the, get 100 golden coins, and escape the royal jail. Good as Gold is another hilarious adventure with several surprises along the way.

Weirdo by Nick Laird and Zadie Smith 

Weirdo is a 2021 fantasy children’s illustrated book by Nick Laird and Zadie Smith. It follows Maud, a guinea pig who wears a judo suit, which not everyone understands or likes. Many people frown upon Maud. When she is thrown into a new and confusing situation, Maud is forced to make brave decisions and embrace serendipitous encounters in her way to find her place and individuality. Weirdo is a heartwarming tale about the power of being unique, written by two veteran writers. The illustrations are done by Magenta Fox. Weirdo is a fantasy book that will capture the hearts of both young and adult readers.