Society today is completely different from how it was decades ago. The issues experienced by the older generation and the generation today have a wide gap. Therefore, you, as a parent, must adjust tutelage in the comforts of your own home. Due to society’s rapid pace, present youth problems became more prominent than anything else. Parents’ and children’s communication gap must be bridged for the youth to realize and recognize these grave concerns. Thus, below are books you can read with your child for effective discussion of today’s tough issues and problems. 

Sheep by Valerie Hobbs 

More and more youth are going down a troubled path. Kids find themselves in situations and lifestyles that aren’t what they intended. This can be due to the fickle foundation in their lives or the lack of direction. Valerie Hobbs’ Sheep is a book that educates young readers on finding their place in the world and discovering a personal calling in life. Youth dwindles the wrong path because of the lack of purpose and acceptance of one’s self. The book, Sheep, tells the story of a Border Collie who is learning what it means to be one of this proud breed. This dog finds himself lost and without a purpose. With his courage, he searches for the life he once knows. His adventures led him to find a place and a name that finally makes him feel at home. 

A Kind of Paradise by Amy Rebecca Tan

The youth are pressured daily by parents, friends, peers, and social media to act and look in a certain way. With the pressure heavy on their shoulders, they commit horrid acts as a result. These acts can lead to juvenile delinquency; therefore, parents must educate their children about this early on. Amy Rebecca Tan’s A Kind of Paradise opens up to children that each action has grave consequences and that they must face these consequences. A Kind of Paradise follows Jamie Bunn, a thirteen-year-old girl who made a mistake at the end of the school year. This mistake was a big one, and everyone in school knows all about it. This mistake also comes with a punishment— volunteering at the local library for the whole summer vacation. 

A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing by Alana Konieczka

Bullying is the most prominent issue that almost half of the youth in the world experience. This is a big problem with big consequences affecting almost everyone, including the bully, bullied, and parents. Bullying causes lasting psychological and physical damage to kids. Alana Konieczka’s A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing is  a kids book on bullying and kindness. It tackles more topics but is engaging and lesson-filled, which a child may bring to adulthood. This book is a necessary weapon to fight bullying. Each story tells tales related to today’s social issues that will make it easier for parents to explain to children. 

What I Like About Me! by Allia Zobel Nolan 

Children are exposed to social media. Due to the media’s beauty standards, children, as they transition to teens, have become self-critical and become obsessed with their physical image, degrading their self-esteem. What I Like About Me! by Allia Zobel Nolan shares a story to help the youth find happiness and satisfaction with their physical image. This book expresses how kids are different from each other, just like night and day. This difference distinguishes them from others and that they should love it. Parents can teach children to love their distinguishing features as this makes them unique.

Blueloon by Julia Cook

Children are filled with strong emotions, including happiness and sadness. Sometimes, parents shrug off sadness as mere child blues. However, these can be signs of depression. It is normal for a child to feel this way as this is part of their development. But when it becomes persistent and interferes with their life, then you have to have that talk with your child. Julia Cook’s Blueloon will help parents discuss depression in the most effective and child-friendly way. Blueloon is a sad little balloon who is suffering from depression. The story shares how to bounce back from being bright, round, and full with a straight string.