The youth enjoy fun and creative subjects, but math is an exception. Math has failed to rouse the interest of many students. Majority of youngsters dread math because it can come off as a sort of rote learning. In math class, mathematics is about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other concepts. However, math touches everyday life, and it is actually fun if you put your mind to it. ReadersMagnet will present book recommendations that may change the negative attitudes of students to this amazing subject. 

The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations by Boris Kordemsky

Puzzles are one of the games that any person of any age will enjoy. Add math into the mix, and you’ll have a marvelous game where you can learn. Boris Kordemsky’s The Moscow Puzzle cleverly made math more fun. First published in 1956, The Moscow Puzzle holds a collection of a varied assortment of brainteasers ranging from simple riddles to logic-related games. Some of the Russian puzzles will be new to readers who will become a mind-stirring game. Kordemsky’s book proves to give readers a learning boost in many ways and help them engage with numbers. Aside from the puzzles, readers can gain valuable views into contemporary Russian life and customs. 

Frustrations With Math by Jeremiah Ortner

Math is a frustrating subject for the majority of students, even adolescents. Mathematics is a broad subject that can tackle simple math problems to arduous problems, such as quadratic equations and polynomials. Jeremiah Ortner has vast experience as a math educator, and he has brought this book to help many students solve frustrating problems. Like every math teacher, Ortner wrote this book for students to absorb and appreciate math lessons more. The book’s approach is different from other math books, Frustrations With Math will bring you on a 45-day road trip analyzing many questions to be solved as readers ride down and up the East Coast. Other math books from the author are Fundamentals of Math Book 1 Pre-algebra and Fundamentals Of Math Part 2 Algebra 1 Sequel By Ortner

The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang

Math is rote learning and requires memorization and formulas to find the answer. However, The Grapes of Math will contradict this notion. Greg Tang’s The Grapes of Math challenges and encourages children to utilize their creativity and mind to solve math problems. This is filled with rhymes and pictures that motivate counting without counting. Tang offers varied ways to solve a simple arithmetic puzzle. The Grapes of Math will spark anyone’s love for math. Learning will never be boring because of this book. 

How Not to Be Wrong: The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life by Jordan Ellenberg

The math you learn from school seems like a dull set of rules, not to be questioned, must be followed type. However, Jordan Ellenberg shows readers how terribly limiting the math learned from school is. How Not to Be Wrong presents math as not confined to abstract forms and in real life. It touches every part of life and the world. Armed with math, Ellenberg presents to everyone the hidden structures underneath the surface of the world. The book brings the true meaning of information, encouraging you to clear thinking of different life areas. 

This Is Not a Maths Book by Anna Weltman

Do you agree with the statement that math and are two vastly different? If yes, then let Anna Weltman’s This Is Not a Maths Book prove you wrong. Weltman will present to you how math can be as beautiful as art despite it looking numerical. The amazing patterns and forms in the art are all with numerical basis. The book reveals math facts and how art and math are not night and day as you follow simple activity instructions. This is Not a Maths Book proves to be a real eye-opener for the artistically bent youth and who believe that math is a dull and boring subject. Weltman will help you discover new ways to be creative in learning math.