Now that the season for giving is on its way, here are five remarkable books you can give to cat lovers.

Cat Yoga by Rick Tillotson

This is a perfect gift for cat owners who are into yoga. Cat Yoga by Rick Tillotson invites cat lovers to teach their feline friends how to do yoga. This unique manual will ensure that cats enjoy the full benefits of this ancient physical exercise. Some of the benefits include improved balance, a sleek waistline, mental clarity, and fuller, more luxurious whiskers. The book is composed of 60 full-colored images of cats who have successfully unlocked the power of yoga. This will greatly help in demonstrating various yoga posts and benefits. Cat Yoga by Rick Tillotson is a great way for cats and owners to bond this holiday season.

William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen

If you want to present a cat lover with a heartwarming gift, then Lynda Hamblen’s William and Tibby Forever is the perfect gift. This 2018 fiction is loosely based on Lynda’s own experience and love of cats. When her own cat died, Lynda mourned and decided to write a children’s short story about her cat. However, she realized that her story is quite long, and decided to make it a full novel. The result is William and Tibby Forever, which is a story of two cats adopted by a kind-hearted woman. One day, William is killed and left the woman and Tibby grieving. On the other hand, William wakes up in heaven along with other cats. What follows next is a unique and touching adventure that features the extraordinary bond of cats and humans.

Crafting with Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya

Originally published in Japanese and translated into English by Amy Hirschman, Kaori Tsutaya’s 2011 masterpiece is a must-have for every cat lover. Crafting with Cat Hair features various techniques and ideas to transform cat hair into soft and adorable handicrafts. In her book, Kaori demonstrates how to design and make kitty tote bags and finger puppets to fluffy cat toys, picture frames, and other items. The projects featured in the book cat-friendly, eco-friendly. Each of the projects requires no special tools or set of skills. Readers can make most of these projects in just no time—with a little assistance, of course, from your cats!

The Domestic Cat by Dennis Turner and Patrick Bateson

Published 20 years ago, Dennis Turner and Patrick Bateson’s best-seller book about understanding the nature of domestic cats remain to be a significant book for cat owners. According to the book, the history of cats and humans living together can be traced thousands of years ago. Today, cats can be found in almost every household in the world. They are kept as pets, rodent catchers, and companions. But there is more to cats than meets the eye and it is important to truly understand their nature and the way they behave. The Domestic Cat is a book that is filled with insights, history, and tips on how to better take care of the domesticated feline.

Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

Nick Bruel is an author known for his previous work Boing!, a children’s book about a baby kangaroo learning to jump. Bruel is back with another hilarious children’s book, this time featuring a household cat named Kitty. Kitty is a cat that has gone berserk- four times over in alphabetical order each time. The said cat is not happy upon learning that her favorite foods are all gone. Worse, what’s left are Asparagus, Beets, Cauliflower, Dill, and 22 other vegetables whom she despises. She then went into a total tantrum, eating homework, biting Grandma, destroying curtains, and damaging the dishes. Bad Kitty is an all-too really short story that definitely kids will enjoy this Christmas.