Kids are exceptionally active thinkers. From an early age, they’re running around inventing and discovering something new— at least to them. It’s crucial that you support and challenge them every day to grow their intellect and further their curiosity. How children seek and pursue answers is the key to developing their thinking skills. Offer them materials to support their curiosity, including toys, games, movies, videos, and books. A curious child is an engaged child. Hence, Stimulate your child’s thinking by supplying them with the following books that will spur that love and fill their curiosity. 

Ayobami and the Names of the Animals by Pilar López Ávila

Ayobami and the Names of the Animals is a perfect book to develop your child’s growing curiosity about the many wonderful animals out there. Through this book, your child will learn more than the names of most animals in a fun, exciting way. Ávila’s 2018 children’s book is about a little African girl named Ayobami. This little girl has always dreamt of going to school. Fortunately, the war has come to an end, and she can finally go back to the schoolhouse. However, she has to pass through the jungle for her to get to school, a dangerous path filled with wild animals. With her pen and paper, she embarks on this risky journey all for education. 

Oscar, The Mighty Crab by Penny Higgins 

Oscar, The Mighty Crab is only one of Penny Higgins books for children about animals. This latest book of hers will foster your child’s curiosity about sea creatures, specifically crabs. Your child will love Oscar, The Mighty Crab, and his story. This little crab’s story starts in ocean bay. This is not only his home but also of his family, relatives, and best friend, Crusty Tom. Little Oscar finds his home boring and hopes to go up the surface of the world. His growing fascination with the fun rides and bright lights of the carnival is the reason behind this. However, his best friend suggests he stays with his family. But Oscar wants to take this above water adventure of the lifetime. 

One Day On Our Blue Planet by Ella Bailey

Get you child to know more about rainforest animals with Ella Bailey’s One Day On Our Blue Planet. Grow your child’s curiosity as you read through this fantastic story of the diversity in the rainforest. This follows a curious black spider monkey who gets distracted and loses track of his mother. This little monkey desperately searches for his mother. He searches through the creatures of the canopy, river, and even the forest floor. Your child will surely enjoy spending the entire day exploring the rainforest of South America with this cute little spider monkey.

Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

What is the most adorable animal? Your child will probably say a kitten. If so, then cultivate their love and curiosity of kittens in Henkes’s book. Kitten’s First Full Moon is a modern classic about a kitten, the moon, and a bowl of milk. Henkes’ wonderful storytelling of this kitten’s quest to reach for the moon will warm your child’s heart. This little kitten is determined to get the moon, thinking this was a bowl of milk. This journey, however, has left the kitten bruised, bewildered, and hungry. At the end of this journey, she is led back to her home, where something special was waiting just for her. Kitten’s First Full Moon is a board book edition that introduces your young one to what a kitten is. 

The Whale In My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan

Another book about a sea creature on our list is Joyce Wan’s The Whale In My Swimming Pool. This follows the story of a little boy who heads outside for a swim on one sunny day. However, he saw that the pool was already taken not by other children but by a giant whale. This little boy tries to make the whale leave, but this animal just won’t budge. He tried everything, but nothing seems to work. He thinks hard, and he came up with a perfect solution where he and the whale can share the refreshing water on this hot, sunny day. Wan’s book will surely gain giggles from your child every time you read this to them.