Young kids are curious, imaginative, and creative little human beings. At a young age, any parent would find their children scribbling on the wall or a piece of paper. Hand them a pencil or a crayon and these kids will draw anything that comes to their minds. Parents should foster this creativity and artistic ways to create budding little artists. There are many ways to foster a child’s creativity. One way is to lend them a book to read. One principal purpose of children’s books is to spark the creativity and imagination of the young reader. Authors would make use of inspiring stories and wonderful illustrations to develop the creativity and imagination of a young child. With children’s books, kids will find love and passion for art.

My Museum by Joanne Liu

Published in 2017, My Museum is a story about a young little boy who learns that art is everywhere and anything that surrounds us. This young boy went to a crowded art museum one day. Everyone knows how it feels. It was clearly hard to see and hard to appreciate the beauty of art. It can be tiring and the boy felt the same. There is an art to look at elsewhere. This is the core lesson of this creative, simple, and profound book about art. In this book, art can be a visitor’s elaborate tattoos and the patterns on the floor made by the light from the sun. The illustrations found in this book will remind readers that the best type of art is the kind one makes.

Enchanted Rainbows by Gabriella Eva Nagy

Enchanted Rainbows was originally published in 2018. This book will surely spark the creativity, imagination, and artistic ways of a child. This is a visual representation of saying happy birthday to the person one loves. Young readers will be brought to a whole new world full of imagination and colors that transcends time and space. The author draws inspiration for this book from her love of nature and all beautiful things. This features amazing illustrations of aromatic flowers, fluttering butterflies, insects, fluffy clouds, brightly-colored rainbows, and other images with bright vivid colors. These illustrations represent the author’s amazing childhood.

Mix it Up by Hervé Tullet

This interactive children’s book was published in 2014. This invites children to mix it up in a glittering adventure of whimsy and wonder. This teaches young kids about combining colors in a fun and imaginative manner. Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and early readers. By following the simple instructions written in the book, children will find colors mixing, splattering, appearing, and vanishing in the world powered by imagination. Readers will find a deeper understanding of colors. The book will take children on an extraordinary interactive journey.

The Dot by Peter Reynolds

This picture book is about a young girl named Vashti who discovers her artistic talent. Published in 2003, this is a simple and witty story with wonderful illustrations. Young readers are enticed to make a mark in the artistic path and follow where it may lead. The story started when Vashti’s art class was dismissed. However, this young girl remained glued to her seat facing a blank piece of paper. The word of her art teacher was a gentle invitation for her to express herself. But, Vashti can’t draw considering that she’s no artist. She jabbed a dot in the blank sheet of paper to prove her point. This dot she made was the beginning of her journey of self-discovery.

Artists and Their Pets by Susie Hodge

Published in 2017, This is a story about great artists and their pets. From Frida Kahlo and her pet monkey, Pablo Picasso, and his white mouse and goat, to Andy Warhol and his pet dachshunds. Artists and Their Pets tell these great stories and feature wonderful and full-color illustrations and chirpy narrative that will delight both artistic people and pet enthusiasts.