ReadersMagnet recommends these five awesome Christian children’s books to check out this month.

The Story of Jesus by Jane Werner Watson

First on our list is about the life of the most popular character in the Bible, Jesus Christ. For Christians, it is essential to know and appreciate Jesus’ birth, childhood, teachings, crucifixion, and resurrection at an early age. What makes Jane Werner Watson’s book truly effective in educating young children about Jesus is how it was written. The book features a simple, warm style that will captivate and inspire young readers. It contains enticing and beautifully drawn illustrations, which is a trademark of the late author and her bestselling works, including The Fuzzy Duckling (illustrated by Martin and Alice Provensen), Animal Friends (illustrated by Garth Williams), and My Little Golden Book About God, The Christmas Story, and Wonders of Nature (all illustrated by Eloise Wilkin).

The Song of Solomon the Snail by Caroleann Rice

The Song of Solomon the Snail and other children’s books by Caroleann Rice feature fables that introduce the wisdom and love of God. In his adventures, Solomon is introduced as a wise animal that others seek advice, whether settling a dispute or aiding them in their decision-making. In all these situations, Solomon always employs kindness, understanding, fairness, and most of all, reason, guided by his Friend, the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love. That voice is God and his patience towards us all. Caroleann Rice’s books are great for toddlers and young kids. The stories are delightful and feature funny and unforgettable animal characters that children will genuinely adore. The Song of Solomon is a subtle book for introducing kids to God.

Mark’s Marvellous Book By Alan Mann

Mark’s Marvellous Book: Learning about Jesus through the Gospel is the complete title of Alan Mann’s amazing 2015 children’s illustrated book. The stories featured in this book are based on the stories from the Gospel according to Mark. As we all know, the book of Mark is one of the four Gospels from the Bible’s New Testament (Mark, Luke, John, and Matthew). From this collection of short stories, children will know more about Jesus and what he did and said. Mark’s Marvellous Book also explains Jesus’s suffering on the cross and what it means to live life the way Jesus Christ did.

 The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers by Ella K. Lindvall

The Bible is full of amazing adventures and unforgettable characters. The New Testament alone, which features the birth, journey, miracles, and passion of Christ, is a wealth of remarkable stories. But what if we have a book that combines all the narratives of both the Old and New Testaments? Ella L. Lindvall presents The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers, a collection of seventy of the most loved stories from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments retold in a colorful and easy-to-read fashion. Revisit some of the finest moments in the Bible in classic stories such as “Joseph Gets a New Coat,” “A Man Hunts for His Lost Sheep,” “God Makes the World,” “God Makes People,” “Noah Does What God Tells Him,” “The People Say No to God,” “Abraham Says Yes to God,” “Moses’ Mommy Hides Him,” “Jesus Makes a Storm Be Quiet,” and many others.

Then God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner

Last on our list is a children’s rhyme book designed for toddlers. Then God Made You is a delightful and colorful book that will usher children into our beautiful world by assuring them that they have a special place in this universe. Filled with playful, charming rhyme and beautiful illustrations, Matthew Paul Turner’s When God Made You will inspire kids to learn about their own unique gifts and discover how their little lives are into God’s divine plan as they grow, explore, and begin to create for outstanding deed on this Earth. It is a book that will aid parents and guardians in introducing the Christian faith into young minds.