Pulp Fiction Adventure is back, and we recommend these five fantastic authors to check this month.

Joab Stieglitz

Our list starts with one of the exciting modern authors of the pulp fiction genre, Joab Stieglitz. He is originally from Warren, New Jersey but now lives in Alexandria, Virginia. Stieglitz is a long-term fan of pulp literature and its most famous figure H.P. Lovecraft. He is also a passionate RPG player and video games, including Savage Worlds, Mars, Deadlands, Agents of Oblivion, Call of Cthulhu, and Pathfinder. Joab Stieglitz is the author of two remarkable book series- The Utgarda Series (The Old Man’s Request, The Missing Medium, and The Other Realm) and the Thule Trilogy (The Hunter in the Shadows, The Worlds I Know). Both series fall under fantasy mystery and feature the central character, Anna Rykov. Joab Stieglitz is currently working on the third installment of the Thule Trilogy.

Brandt Dodson

Brandt Dodson is among the new breed of fantasy fiction writers in the United States. He was born and raised in Indianapolis and attended the Ben Davis High School. Dodson went to Central University (now known as The University of Indianapolis), where his life changed after a creative writing course in college. A professor commented, “You’re a good writer. With a little effort and work, you could be a very good writer.” With encouragement and support, Dodson embarked on a writing career and has since published many notable works, including Colton Parker Mystery Series (2006-2007), The Sons of Jude (2012), White Soul (2008), Daniel’s Den (2009). Dodson once worked in the Indianapolis office of the FBI.

Thomas Fincham

Thomas Fincham is the pen name used by Mobashar Qureshi, a Canadian author. Fincham or Qureshi was born in Nigeria in Benin City. Fincham’s family resided a short in Karachi, Pakistan, before moving to Canada. Qureshi attended the University of Toronto and holds a degree in the field of economics. In 2007, Qureshi was picked by Quill & Quire as one of their top ten rising mystery writers in Canada. Since then, he has cemented his reputation as among the leading mystery writers in the country. Qureshi or Fincham is known for his vast collection of published novels, including the Hyder Ali series, the Martin Rhodes series, the Echo Rose series, and the Lee Callaway series. He lives in Toronto despite traveling a lot to various countries around the world.

William Murray

Will Murray has published dozens of pulp fiction novels and stories under different pen names, a veteran novelist, journalist, short story, and comic book writer. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts[2] and graduated North Quincy High school in June 1971, subsequently graduating summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. His notable works are the Doc Savage novels (inspired from the original 1930s Doc Savage), Mars Attacks!, Squirrel Girl, and several Wild Adventure books featuring different characters. His “All-New Wild Adventures of Doc Savage” fall into the New Pulp category and is among his latest works. As a pulp fiction writer, Murray has written Cthulhu Mythos stories, including a pair of stories about Nug and Yeb, the Twin Blasphemies.

Harry Parker

Harry Parker is one of the recently published authors under the Pulp Fiction Adventure. The young British author grew up in Wiltshire. Parker joined the British Army at the age of 23 and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. After his service, he decided to turn to writing and visual arts. In 2017, Harry Parker released his novel, Anatomy of a Soldier. It is steadily gaining readership among pulp fiction fans. Anatomy of A Soldier is an extraordinary tale of a soldier, Captain Tom Barnes, whose life and outlook on war changes when he meets two young Afghan boys and the man training to fight them against invading soldiers. Despite being new to the scene, Harry Parker has caught the interest of many readers because his book brings a new perspective on war and tragedy.