Books can help us find the light on things we never knew before. These published works can change anyone’s life. It provides us information, wisdom, and enlightenment that would push us to see things from a different perspective.

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

First published in 1988 by the famous English physicist, Stephen Hawkings. In this book, Hawkings explores the structure, origin, development, and eventually the faith of the universe. The book attempts to explain basic subjects such as the big bang, space, black holes, and time. Hawkings’ book aims to answer profound questions regarding the universe. The book dives into topics where numerous possibilities can be unexpected and wondrous. Topics can go from the forces of nature to major theories. Science can be too broad and hard to understand but Hawkings wrote this book in non-technical terms for a reader-friendly experience. A twelve-chapter book that provides readers interesting and new knowledge regarding the universe we live in. This eye-opening book brings readers closer to the secrets of the creation of the universe. A Brief History of Time is a gift from Stephen Hawkings to the people.

A Law From Eden by Marilyn Taplin

Published in 2017, Marilyn Taplin’s book discusses that the original sin in Eden was the act of sexual perversion. The author declares that Christians have been uninformed of what the sin in Eden truly was. She explains how there is the need to know this to change our ways to bring heaven back to Earth. The book expounds that the morally wicked society right now is the consequence of the misunderstanding of human sexuality. With thorough research, she discusses how the sexual acts that originated first-hand during the ancient pagan societies are now found in the LGBT communities. Taplin declares to open our eyes and mind to the knowledge of the original sin in Eden. This crucial information is what we needed to begin a movement to put an end to sin and help bring back heaven on Earth as promised by God.

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

Originally published in 2003, author Bill Bryson wrote this book to explain some areas of science. This book aims to answer the oldest and greatest questions regarding the universe and ourselves. Wide-ranging topics are discussed in the book including the Big Bang and the rise of civilization. This explores the history of biology, geology, and traces of life. This discusses the possibility of Earth being struck by a meteorite and the damage it can bring to humans and the world. This seeks to understand how humans come from nothing at all to their existence now. A cross-disciplinary approach to sharing the most essential discoveries ever made and implications on history and the technology. The book not only enlightens readers but also entertains. The book has allotted a part of it that shares the humorous stories of scientists behind their research and discoveries.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This eye-opening fiction novel tells a dramatic, compassionate, and deeply moving storyline set in the fictional town called Maycomb. The book is narrated by the six-year-old Jean Louis “Scout” Finch. This story deals with issues such as rape, racial injustice, and racism that to this day is still considered as serious and sensitive. Scout’s father, Atticus Finch, was a lawyer appointed to be the lawyer for the wrongfully accused black man, Tom Robinson. Scout’s father was considered the moral hero of the story. This book will bring a mix of human behavior such as goodness and brutality and love and hate.

Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick

Barbara Demick’s book, Nothing to Envy, is a part-novelization that tells accounts of six North Koreans indigents of their lives in the span of fifteen years. These fifteen years were a chaotic period following the death of Kim Il-sung, the founder, and ruler of North Korea. Demick has interviewed over 100 North Korean defectors before choosing Chongjin as the focus of the books. Facts about the secretive country are divulged in the book. Factual information was conveyed accurately to provide an accurate picture of the daily life and hardships North Korean citizens encounter. Readers of the book will see the six North Koreans from raising their families to their struggles of survival. Readers will find light and also experience the moments these North Korean defectors realized that their government has betrayed them.