ReadersMagnet Review presents these five exciting hunting books to read this November.

Long Range Shooting Handbook by Ryan Cleckner

With over 95,000 copies sold, Ryan Cleckner’s best-selling book Long Range Shooting Handbooks remains one of the most relevant books about hunting, particularly on rifle hunting. The book features a complete beginner’s guide to long-range shooting. Cleckner writes using simple terms and instructions which makes the book an effective guide even for those inexperienced shooters. Ryan Cleckner, a special operations sniper and sniper instructor shares his extensive knowledge not only fundamental concepts but also shares personal tips, techniques that have worked for him over the years. Ryan Cleckner’s Long Range Shooting Handbook serves as the ultimate training manual and proves to be an essential read for target shooters and hunters alike. It is a masterfully-written guide for everyone. Also, 25% of this book’s proceeds will be donated to two military charities: the Special Operation Warrior Foundation and the Sua Sponte Foundation.

World of Hunting and Fishing by Mike Honeycutt

Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing is the complete title of the 2018 hunting guide and memoir by the veteran hunter, explorer, and author Mike Honeycutt. The book features Honeycutt’s world travel and the communities he encountered. He also describes his trip to the communities and hunting spots. Mike Honeycutt has been to all continents hunting wild birds and animals. But his book is not exclusive to his forays and collection. In his book, Mike also shares his journey to local communities and experiencing their culture and tradition. This makes the book World of Hunting and Fishing truly an exciting and remarkable read, to say the least.

Death in the Long Grass by Peter Hathaway Capstick

This classic 1977 adventure novel deserves a spot on our list. Peter Hathaway Capstick’s Death in the Long Grass takes readers on an epic journey in the heart of Africa, the ultimate hunting ground. Although the book is fiction, it is base on Capstick’s own extensive experience in Africa, as well as the personal accounts of his colleagues. Here, readers will experience what it is like to track man-eating leopards, running for life as elephants stampede in all directions, and encounter other predators in wildlife Africa. Peter Hathaway Capstick, a seasoned hunter-turned-writer provides us with graphic descriptions of his various adventures of African wildlife and sceneries. Truly, the book is a must-read novel for hunters and adventure-seekers.

 Meditations on Hunting by José Ortega y Gasset

Published in 2007, José Ortega y Gasset’s Meditations on Hunting is one of the most popular books in sporting literature today. Here, Gasset discussed the essence and ethics of hunting especially today when both hunting and fishing are receiving flaks from various animal and environmental groups. Meditations on Hunting takes on an even greater significance and purpose. In his book, Gasset points out that life is a dynamic interchange between man and his surroundings. Furthermore, he explains that hunting is part of man’s very nature, that “hunting is a universal and impassioned sport…it is the purest form of human happiness. The essence of hunting or fishing, therefore, involves a complete code of ethics of the most distinguished design. Overall, the book offers a refreshing perspective on the concept of hunting and fishing.

The Trapper’s Bible by Eustace Hazard Livingston

Last, but certainly not least on our list, is the 2012 manual guide on trapping and hunting. Eustace Hazard Livingston’s The Trapper’s Bible: The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever is perhaps one the most essential read on hunting published in recent years. The book features a collection of tips, tactics, and anecdotes from some of the most season trappers in the country. Here you can read about traps set for various wild animals including deer, moose, muskrat, beaver, wolf, coyote, fox, bears, raccoon, rabbits, and other animals. Livingston also discussed the behaviors of the mentioned animals to better understand their patterns and movements. The Trapper’s Bible is a comprehensive book worth reading.