Curling up in the chair together and reading a story from end to end—these moments are definitely ones to hold and treasure for any parent. However, reading isn’t solely for creating positive emotional connection but also for reaping educational benefits. Reading and storytelling to babies promotes brain development, imagination, and language. Like so, it might be worth considering a book that gives your baby an active role in the reading process. Switching traditional storybooks for interactive ones for your read aloud time helps gets curious babies to start talking and thinking about what they’re seeing in the book. Thusly below are interactive books to purchase to help encourage babies to interact with the story, get them excited, and work on some pre-reading skills.

Pelican’s Bill Interactive Story Book by Kathy Knight and Kate Stone

Kathy Knight and Kate Stone worked to develop this adorable interactive book filled with colorful original artwork and one of a kind story. Its cute, fun story will have babies wanting to hear it again and again. Pull on the hinged tab to open the pelican’s mouth and delight babies of the fun, counting component added to the story. Though short, this book makes a great introduction to reading and counting. Pelican’s Bill Interactive Story Book will easily become a baby’s favorite counting book.

Talk, Play, And Read With Me Mommy by Jo Ann Gramlich, M.S.

Jo Ann Gramlich brings her signature playful storytelling, perfect for new moms. The book invites babies to “talk, play, and read” with mommy. From interactive games to sing songs, infants will be intrigued by this magical book. The author understands the struggles of parents with babies on their wiggly toddler stage and language and speech difficulties. Thus the creation of this interactive book for reading practice. Jo ann’s book on interactive activities for infants introduces a variety of concepts that engages mind and senses. Be sure to check out Jo Ann Gramlich’s other reads, Talk, Play, And Read With Me Daddy.

Mon Petit Busy Day by Annette Tamarkin

Mon Petit Busy Day is a phenomenal board book that offers fetching activities for little readers. Annette Tamarkin focuses on the hand-eye coordination of babies by tracing lines with fingers and learning shapes activities are introduced to get them moving. Striking art style of concepts will delight parents and children alike. Learn from left to right, up and down with the moving tabs found in this book. This is such an engaging book that builds an amazing learning experience on every page.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? by Karen Katz

Karen Katz’ Where Is Baby’s Belly Button is an engaging book teaching babies of the different body parts. It offers teachable moments for babies to learn in a fun way. Each pull tabs and flaps to lift uncovers a baby’s belly button, hands, eyes, and more that are hiding within the pages. The illustrations are bright and eye-catching to hold their attention for a long, long time. And the peekaboo-style pages build excitement as pre-reading babies anticipate for what is under the flap. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button is a sweet book that creates opportunities for engaging language with the child.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo is another lift-the-flap book from 1982 that continues to delight. With the bright, bold artwork, babies will immediately learn the whole host of animals living in the zoo. Each flaps lifted will reveal an animal that may potentially be the little reader’s favorite. For a more interactive storytelling, incorporating the different animal sounds will get children laughing and amused. This is a short read that provides an unsurmountable number of benefits. Dear Zoo is a firm favorite for many years, making it a must for every child’s bookshelf.