Bowing down in worship and meditation to the Father is where you will find His Spirit and His presence. Now is the perfect time to humble yourself under the mighty hands of God for everlasting peace and presence. Worship in the hour in which we live in days of evil. And Meditate on the Scripture and let them take you to a place of worship with the Lord. Today, ReadersMagnet offers key books for Christians wanting to worship God and meditate on His words. 

Living Simply Through the Day by Tilden Edwards 

Living Simply through the Day presents opportunities to grow spiritually in the presence of God and cultivate the Spirit within day-to-day life. Tilden uses as the foundation of the Christian contemplative path to come up with methods to get past anxiety to a simplicity that can free the heart. These meditative practices are as simple as daily life: waking up, praying, serving, and eating. Living Simply Through the Day cultivates loving detachment and attentiveness and weaving discipline and prayer. Edwards offers the most substantive treatment to prayer. 

Engaging with God by Dave Peterson

Dave Peterson put forth how worship has been a concern in the church for it being the source of controversy and dispute. For this, Dave surveys the Old Testament to determine what the practice of worship should be. Sweeping through the different books of the Bible, trying to gain a complete understanding of what the expression of faith in the saving work is. Dave pulls the veil of the wrong ideas of worship to reveal what God ordained for his worshippers. He also lays out the theme of worship following its biblical-theological path through the canon of Scripture. Engaging with God serves as a detailed introduction to the biblical understanding of worship. 

Station of the Risen Christ by Frank Heelan

Stations of the Risen Christ is Frank’s book on Resurrection Meditations meant to inspire faithful Christians to worship and meditate on the Scriptural passages relating to Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Frank takes believers during Jesus Christ’s rise from the dead and his miraculous appearances to over 500 faithful believers. This remarkable book revisits what the ultimate sacrifice of Christ means to mankind. Stations of the Risen Christ is a must-have during Easter, with its new stations fit for the occasion. He believes these new stations should be performed to celebrate the return of Jesus Christ. Re-read every sentence to absorb Bible verses and appreciate more the Passion of Christ and His Resurrection. 

Unceasing Worship by Harold Best

What is worship? How does it work? Harold Best’s book Unceasing Worship offers answers to these questions. Best provides an opportunity for sharpening a believer’s theology of worship. The content scratches the common notion of Christians regarding worship, changing it to a view far larger than what takes place in churches during mass. See, Best puts forth that worship is not limited to a specific time, place, or activity; rather, it is anytime, anywhere. Even if some may not completely agree with Best, Unceasing Worship will get anyone thinking about their theology of worship. Best’s work is one by which all other statements on worship will be measured. 

Into the Silent Land by Martin Laird 

The practice of meditation is commonly thought to be the preserves of Hindus and Buddhists. But Martin Laird shows that the practice of stillness is part of Christian tradition. Martin presents the refined teachings on using a prayer word to focusing the mind, cultivating stillness, and practicing inner vigilance. The heart of the book focuses on negotiating key moments of struggle on the contemplative path. Martin is perfect for beginners, but unlike other books, this is a guide for those who desire to journey yet deeper into the silence of God. Into the Silent Land is a wonderful primer before exploring the vast, luminous, and endless depths of silence.