ReadersMagnet recommends these five amazing management books for you to read this 2021.

The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun’s The Art of Project Management is a comprehensive guide to practical methods on how to get things done, how to possess a manager’s mindset, and how to manage people. Published more than 15 years ago, this 352-page book takes readers on an exciting journey about creativity, problem-solving, crisis management, and leadership. Scott Berkun, who worked for ten years at Microsoft Corporation on projects including Internet Explorer, MSN, and Microsoft Windows, shares his own personal experience at failure, learning, managing, and the road to excellence. Berkun discussed a variety of topics, including how to make things happen, making good decisions, and how to avoid annoying people. Unlike many management manuals, which are boring, Berkun’s The Art of Project Management witty, candid, and compelling. 

Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamie Soucar 

Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamie Soucar is another revolutionary management guide book. While the work centers on Soucar’s public works construction experience, readers will be delighted to know that the book offers a wealth of wisdom on how to manage time, energy, processes, and above all, people. Soucar’s decades of experience holding various positions have allowed him to gain enormous knowledge on management and efficiency. All this can be discovered in this amazing management manual. Aside from Real Life Construction Management Guide, Jamie Soucar also shares his expertise through trainings and seminars. You can reach him through his website for more details on this. Overall, Soucar’s Real Life Construction Management Guide is a recommended read not just for those in the construction business but also for all who want to become a great manager in whatever field they are in.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Jim Collins is a researcher, teacher, advisor, and author. He has published several books on management, company leadership, and business. Some of his notable works include Built to Last, a corporate strategy book he co-authored with Jerry I. Porras, and Great by Choice, which focused on leadership behaviors. In 2001, Jim Collins published Good to Great, an advice and research book that features some of the most successful business companies. In this book, Collins profiles large corporations who have made it to the top because of their strategies and mindset. Jim Collin’s Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t is not only a business guide but can also be used to nurture certain values and principles that could prove useful for future business ventures.

Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Greg Horine

As the title suggests, Greg Horine’s 2005 guidebook Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide provides the basics for modern project management. It covers the many aspects of management, from mastering the key skills and qualities every project manager needs to effectively defining your project’s success to building a usable project plan and an accurate work breakdown structure (WBS). Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide is an essential tool for those who want to make a career in business management and those who aspire to be effective team leaders and efficient workers. Greg Horine also released a 2017 edition featuring updates for many of the chapters in the book.

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Published in 1982, The One Minute Manager remains a relevant guidebook for project managers and business leaders. With over two million copies sold, the book has endeared entrepreneurs, political leaders, business tycoons, and even ordinary people seeking a simple yet comprehensive guide to managing time, tasks, and people. Blanchard and Johnson’s timeless advice on goal setting, productivity, and profit are featured in this book. In 2001, an audio version of the book was released. Interested readers can now listen to the wisdom and wit of The One Minute Manager anywhere, anytime. Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s One Minute Manager is a delightful read and one of the best management guide ever published.