Women are slowly and surely rising beyond their capabilities. And soon, you’ll be witnessing women run the world. But as we wait for that to happen, you must also set yourself to become one as well. ReadersMagnet offers some of the best books everyone should read that convince you to become an amazing figure for the youth. 

The Source of Self-Regard by Toni Morrison

From the most celebrated and revered writer of the 20th century, Toni Morrison presents to the public a nonfiction collection of her essays, speeches, and meditations, The Source of Self-Regard. Written over the past four decades, this book is her gift to the people in today’s world. Her words will leave you inspired by all the wisdom she has gathered throughout her years on Earth. Morrison’s words are an invitation into her mind. Dazzlingly and deeply personal, this is a rumination on her literary career and artistic mission and excavate’s Morrison’s vast knowledge and critical eye. The Source of Self-Regard is a highly relevant piece to the present political moment. 

Harriet Tubman by Catherine Clinton

Harriet Tubman is a remarkable figure for women in American history, and Catherine Clinton steps into the picture to discuss her legacy. Tubman is widely celebrated for her exploits as a conductor of the Underground Railroad and as a revolutionary leader. John Brown and many slaves know her as the leader of the slave uprising. To abolitionists, she was the prophet they long waited for. While to slaveholders, she was a thief and trickster. Clinton is a generous biographer who takes you back to Tubman’s time from childhood to the fiery advocate for women’s suffrage. The book will give you a mental image of Tubman maturing within. 

The Other Side of Fear by W. Veronica Lisare

Abuse, fear, trauma, and challenges are only a few of the experiences by W. Veronica Lisare that she willingly shares with the public. The Other Side of Fear explores the personal life of Lisare and the throes of life. But this book does not only explore that side of life but also the other side of it. Lisare brings you to how she discovered courage, joy, hope, freedom, true identity, and God’s perfect love. The book prides itself on Lisare’s brutally honest and intimately detailed accounts of her life, from her unhappy childhood to her journey towards embracing Jesus Christ. Veronica’s book on finding your true value and identity is a memoir and her journal that will inspire you to move through your own challenges to God’s perfect love and other side of fear. 

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

One of the most-watched young cultural observers of this generation, Roxane Gay, presents a collection of funny but also insightful essays covering politics, criticisms, and feminism. Bad Feminist takes you through Gay’s journey of evolution as a woman of color and a ride through culture. Sharing gritty and heartbreaking details of her own experiences and unrealized desires, Gay shows you how she lives up to her as a ‘bad feminist.’ However, Gay reminds you of what feminism truly means, what it can be, and what it should be: space where women can realize nuances and differences. This is a book for today’s women who aims to continually grow to understand themselves, society, and culture better. 

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

Samantha Irby’s We Are Never Meeting in Real Life is another essay collection on the list, but this touches on adulting challenges and reality TV-suited people. With essays arriving more fierce and fearless than the last. Irby’s essay will leave you squirming and laughing. Who would have thought blogger and comedian Samantha Irby has wisdom within that she can share with the world. The essays in this collection contain her signature humor, wit, and charming self-deprecation. For every laugh is a bittersweet moment of uncompromising truths of her life. We Are Never Meeting in Real Life will definitely stay with you.