The Great Pandemic is an opportunity for us to reflect on our shortcomings and personal relationship with God. 

These past few months have been surreal for most of us. All around the world, people’s lives are being put to a standstill. I don’t think a single soul expected an epidemic happening on the far side of the globe would so soon become the great pandemic that is currently changing the world and putting our humanity to test. As of today, there already 5 million people infected with the corona virus. Now is a great time for us to reflect on the things that we have done in the past, about how we deal with nature, how we are as a society, and the status of our faith and spirituality. Below are five remarkable books about repentance which we can all use as guides and inspiration during these troubling times.

‘Return To Me’: A Biblical Theology of Repentance by Mark J. Boda

'Return To Me' A Biblical Theology of Repentance by Mark J. Boda cover
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Published in 2015, Mark J. Boda’s Return to Me offers fresh insight on how we view repentance as one of the fundamental elements in our relationship with God. Throughout the Christian Church’s history there have been numerous debates and controversy surrounding the concept of repentance. The theme of repentance is featured heavily in both the Old and the New Testament if the Bible, but rarely gives its due as far as scholars and theologians are a concern. Mark J. Boda provides a comprehensive and more extensive study of the theme of repentance n this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume. In this book, Boda attempts to show the importance of repentance in the redemptive history of the religion. A must-read for all Christians, Return to Me is surprisingly incisive. 

Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct: Will America Mend Its Ways and Return to God? by Philip Wittig 

Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct banner
Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct by Philip Wittig

Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct: Will America Mend Its Ways and Return to God? by Wittig is about a tale of two great nations and their respective relationship with God. He revisits the great kingdom of Ancient Israel, how they made a covenant with God, how the 12 tribes become a great country until they turned to God and started worshipping false gods. In a way, the fate of Ancient Israel is happening to America. For Wittig, the great United States are experiencing both social and moral crisis and they are turning away from God and his commandments. Philip Wittig hopes to inspire readers and the rest of the country to return to God and see that it is only through Him that a people can be truly blessed and great.

Restoring the Fallen: A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting & Reconciling by Earl D. Wilson 

Restoring the Fallen A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting & Reconciling by Earl D. Wilson cover
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Restoring the Fallen is a remarkable guide to addressing the church’s response to how to treat those who have fallen in to sin. Earl D. Wilson along with three other authors advocates a more revolutionary approach: the spiritual care team. The concept anchors on a small group of mature Christians committed to providing support and counsel, helping others get to undergo the process of repentance and restoration. The books provide a practical guide on how to form a community-based spiritual care team with a community-oriented approach to acknowledging sin, making repentance complete, and restoring personal spiritual discipline. It features an overall approach to helping the whole community build a deeper relationship with God. Restoring the Fallen is a recommended read for pastors, ministry, and all church workers.

God Gives Second Chances: How to Get Up, Dust Off and is Used Again by God when You Fall by Dr. R.T. Kendall

God Gives Second Chances How to Get Up, Dust Off and is Used Again by God when You Fall by Dr. R.T. Kendall cover
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The author of more than forty books, R.T. Kendall also served as a pastor of the Westminster Chapel in London, England for twenty-five years. In 2008, he published God Gives Second Chances. In this book, he explores at wrongdoings and the judgment of most church people. Kendall assures that everyone is given second chances, while at the same time warns those who condemn the sinners. Kendall presents an objective, yet the compassionate and biblically balanced case for a God who is considerate and forgiving. More importantly, God Gives Second is an invitation to all those who have sinned to come back to God and renew their faith in Him.

The Child’s Book on Repentance: Designed Also for Older Persons by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

The Child's Book on Repentance Designed Also for Older Persons by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet cover
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Originally published in 1848, The Child’s Book on Repentance was written by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, preacher, and an educator. Gallaudet designed his boo to be read by children of a suitable age to help them learn the basic concept of repentance and forgiveness. It features a mother’s conversation with her children about various topics that include selfishness, sorrow, sin, and repentance. Gallaudet also tackles false repentance and its forms. In this book, the importance of understanding one’s wrongdoing and the motivations for repentance is emphasized. According to the book repentance is useless if it is not sincere and if there is no remorse. Forgiveness can only be felt is one is determined to let of sin and choose to follow the right path. The book’s title also suggests that the book is also meant for adult readers.