Publishing a book on your own is not an easy task. We’re not only talking about the long and tiresome process of writing, but we’re also referring to the proofreading, editing, formatting, designing, promoting, and marketing process of your literary endeavor. Congratulations, after all the hard work, your masterpiece will already be exhibited at the 2022 ALA Annual in Washington DC!

Many world-acclaimed books from different genres have heart-rending stories from behind the scene. Before the world applauded them and book reviewers recognized their books, they have gone through many obstacles to put those poems, novels, essays, autobiographies, and other literary pieces into life. This is especially true for the dedicated and passionate authors who choose self-publishing as their path to success.

Self-publishing is the first choice of many authors for the fact that it gives them more freedom to control the format, design, and overall publishing process of their books. Having more freedom during and even after the publication is one of the positive advantages of self-publishing. On the contrary, the method could be challenging for an author who has little or no knowledge at all about design, formatting, marketing, and everything involves in the process.

Fortunately, there are self-publishing and marketing agencies, like ReadersMagnet, that help new and reputable authors every step of the way. Self-publishing companies have advanced tools and techniques to make the process convenient and cost-effective for the authors.

This year, at the American Library Association Annual in Washington DC, many of these self-published books from ReadersMagnet and other reliable agencies will be displayed at the exhibition at the Walter E. Convention Center. About 133 books will be exhibited in our booth, together with some award-winning and professionally reviewed literary magnum opus. ReadersMagnet is dedicated to doing anything it can to share your stories with the world⁠—from the ALA Annual and beyond. If you’re a new author who starts walking on the path of self-publishing, you can talk to one of our accommodating representatives to inquire about how we can be of help to you. We are here to support you. Contact us now!