All writers are creative individuals. You might imagine them wearing thick eyeglasses and spending lots of time on a writing desk with a mug of coffee or tea. Are all writers introverts? Do they socialize online and offline? ReadersMagnet will be taking authors from social media to a socialite space.

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The Empire State Book Tour is designed to boost author brands and book promotions. Two of the events will be physically conducted in New York, and one of them will be a Virtual Book Fair. Though social media networks will be maximized for all the happenings, an eminently socialite space will be utilized to revamp your connections and network of decision-makers.

The Empire State

The book tour is a travel around the well-known Empire State of New York. The location is the center of entertainment, business, culture, education, technology, and arts. What would be a better place for authors to be more creative while looking for affluent ties? ReadersMagnet will take authors at the New York Library Association (NYLA) Conference and Trade Show in Saratoga Springs on November 3-4, 2022, and at the ReadersMagnet Book Confab in Tribeca.

Aside from maximizing your social media presence, the two events will reinforce your exposure and branding initiatives. The Empire State could be the place where you can build stronger and long-time literary connections.

The Triangle Below Canal Street

The Book Confab will specifically occur in the rich, trendy, and influential Tribeca, NY. When we speak about a socialite space, Tribeca is one of the top spots where you can interact with business moguls, showbiz personalities, political icons, and other decision-makers.

Fashionable, classic, artistic, innovative, and commercial events regularly pop-ups in the area to utilize the affluent atmosphere. Taking photos and videos on site could make your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts impressive, engaging, and shareable. This is on top of the chance of getting real-life connections with authors, publishers, and other book enthusiasts.

The ReadersMagnet Book Confab

The event in Tribeca is named ReadersMagnet Book Confab. Since we’re working with creative and brilliant writers, ReadersMagnet is also clever enough to conceive a unique marketing and promotional affair. The Book Confab is an exclusive creation aiming to gather book enthusiasts for another exciting 3-day book display, book signing, Book Tok, and more.

Book Tok is a recorded program where you or a visitor can read an excerpt from your book. Book Tok videos are shareable for your readers or visitors on your social media platforms. One of the activities is called Open Mic. It is when you can read your book or poems in public for your readers, fans, and fairgoers.

Social media advertising is one of our digital marketing services that you can take advantage of. We complement this online marketing with physical book fairs to strengthen the support system for your branding.

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