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Questioning everything around us is a normal human response, and it’s one of the reasons why some folks ask about God’s grace and whether He could genuinely change people.

Miracles of Grace by Dr. Thorington is an excellent book that answers the age-old question: is there a power that can truly transform a person? With more than fifty years of experience working in the ministry, he has met individuals from various backgrounds. And now, even though he is retired from pastoring, his book is his way of sharing God’s message.

But going back to the question: can God truly change a person?

Can God Change You and Others?

The clear answer is yes! The moment we decide to follow the steps of Jesus, everything about us changes for the better. The words we use, actions we make, thoughts in our heads, our heart’s desires, priorities, attitudes, relationships, and our lives.

Fundamental changes take place because God has changed us for the better. Now, while this could sound  trite — being changed by God and us becoming a special person — but how does it take place? Perhaps you’ve been trying your best to change but couldn’t.

Maybe you’ve prayed to God and asked him to help you change for the better, but you still seem to be the same person. The trick is to avoid worrying or hurrying, as the change usually takes some  time. However, there are two distinct truths you should keep in mind regarding God’s way of changing people:

1. It’s Important for Us to Die to Our “Old Self”

Hearing such statements like “We need to die to who we once were,” it’s only normal to think the phrase is too intense. But sometimes, we must “kill” our old self to change. The Bible tells us to die to the “old self.” This dying to self will not be an easy task; it will require much of God’s grace. The grace is in understanding that once you start to follow Jesus Christ, your old self and the individual you previously considered “you” has now been crucified, nailed to the cross along with Christ.

In your journey of transformation, you need to cooperate with God’s grace in dying to the old self. You must accept that you must abandon the person you once were. However, it’s also important to remember that it is not a matter of self-enhancement but a matter of surrendering to God so He can make the changes in us. We cannot just improve the “old self”, or our old sinful nature. With God making the changes in us, we can become someone who we never thought we could become. We can become a trophy of God’s grace.

Miracles of Grace by Dr. Thorington explains that in changing for the better it is never be too late for anyone. For Dr. Thorington, having a more profound understanding will lead you to the great treasure chest that God’s grace will be opened for you to enjoy.

2. Everything is All About Relationships, Not Rules

When we think about being a follower of Christ, we often presume that God wants us to do what is right and avoid doing what is wrong. By thinking this way, we inadvertently twist what being a Christian is into a self-improvement course.

However, with Jesus, the focus is not on the rules but on relationships. The more we develop our relationship and love for Jesus Christ, and the closer we get to Him, the more He will transform us internally and externally.

We start to extend grace instead of wallowing in our bitterness. We begin to follow Jesus’ footsteps and His ways instead of just doing what we wish. We will soon see our lives filled with His peace and joy instead of being easily offended and critical.

God moves in mysterious ways, and how He changes us is just as obscure. But the effects of His work in transforming us are as tangible as the pages and cover of the Bible that we own.

God can change us. The changes one can experience are fantastic, beautiful, and needed.

If you wish to know more about God’s grace, get Miracles of Grace by Dr. Thorington by visiting his website by clicking here!