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Being in the dark doesn’t have to be permanent. Finding hope in hopelessness is an ability that helps people power through life.

Defeat is a common human experience.

With all life’s challenges and their corresponding ups and downs, successes and failures, it’s impossible not to find oneself spiraling into despair. To feel sad and pessimistic must be as welcomed as feeling happy and optimistic. Life isn’t always going to be good, and people must learn to sit through what’s at the other end of joy. The ups and downs of humanity’s spectrum must be accepted and wholeheartedly processed, for only then will people truly experience what life is.

However, while defeat is typical, this doesn’t mean people allow themselves to be stuck and feel caged in this situation. Feeling hopeless in a situation where all positivity is uncertain may be a typical human experience. But to see hope in hopelessness is also crucial to help people cope through life.

Is There Truly Hope In Hopelessness?

Hope is a fragile thing. It’s a matter that can be shattered by a simple failure or a constant debilitating thought an individual nurtures within oneself. However, at the same time, it can also be the most powerful thing, birthing successes and beauty even in the darkest spaces of one’s mind.

For people to find themselves in a hopeless situation, they must have experienced multiple failures or successive frustrations. In hopelessness, they believe nothing good will come from their subsequent attempts. They’re already too blinded by their failures, correlating these to their identity and corrupting their self-belief. This locks people in harmful or debilitating circumstances as they’re unable to move away, believing any attempt is futile as they’re incapable of success.

What people commonly fail to consider is that the mind often sees what it wants to see.

It selectively seeks affairs that will support the belief established within. Hence, when people start thinking they are incapable, the mind will only look at situations that strengthen this belief. It will continue looking only at failures, even in the existence of success and achievements. However, in thinking there’s hope in hopelessness, the mind will find the strength to consider the possibility of bouncing back from consecutive failures.

Hope is all around. It’s only a matter of whether people remain open to finding possibilities despite the world’s uncertainty. To see hope in hopelessness is to seek positivity and stay enthusiastic about life despite society’s abundance of failure and wrongs.

What Does It Mean To Remain Hopeful Even In Dire Situations?

All is well.

Regardless of the challenges or circumstances, people are experiencing, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. To see hope even when success seems futile is to believe that good will befall individuals because it’s in God’s plan. This puts strength in people to continue finding beauty in their experiences and to go through struggles because they know they will always be victorious.

How they can do so may be uncertain. But knowing and believing that life will always work out for people allows them to be confident in taking risks and aiming for more considerable successes.

Life isn’t permanent, and change is the only constant in the world.

To see hope in hopelessness means understanding that regardless of how horrible things are, they will change for the better. Knowing nothing horrible will stay horrible, and circumstances will constantly change and improve. This allows people to move towards happiness and contentment.

The Resurrection of the Promise by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets talks about hope in such a way that people are reminded how Jesus will always come back. This makes them feel hopeful even in dire situations, pressing them towards despair. In knowing that Jesus always comes back to fulfill His promise of salvation, people find hope in hopelessness, causing them to push forward and continue seeking their goals and the beauty of life.