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Knowing how to fight against evil is going to be extremely useful when the time comes for you to defend yourself and your Spirit.

Fighting against evil is an important act of improving spiritual wellness because you are protecting the most valuable part of you: your soul. But defending isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially in the current day and age. An age where technology is providing us with too many distractions.

Today, we’ll be looking at the many ways that we can fight evil that is present in our lives. You should also get The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink by Wayman Jackson because it provides a beautiful narrative that focuses on fighting evil.

Pray and Pray and Make it a Priority to Fight Evil

Make the necessary time adjustments in your routine to pray frequently through spiritual battle concerns. Give up pointless hobbies that rob you of precious time that you could use for prayer. Eliminate distractions so that you may focus on the things that are really important from an everlasting standpoint.

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Never Give Up and Always Keep Pushing to Overcome Evil

Never give up a spiritual war until you believe God has granted you the upper hand against Satan. Have faith that God will complete His will, not yours, in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time.

Acknowledge the Existence of Evil in the World Around You

Never forget that evil exists and is present within our fallen world; avoid being deceived into believing that it has no impact on your life or the existence of those you love. Lucifer and his fallen angels are real. Pray to God to enable you to see evil in action in all the different circumstances you come across.

Break Unhealthy Bondages and Stand Up to Evil

Seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit to identify any problems that could be holding you captive to evil, such as addictions, unforgiveness, generational sin, sadness, a bad self-image, engaging in illicit sexual activity, bitterness, or participation in occultism. Whatever sins the Spirit shows you, confess them, turn from them, and vow never to sin again.

Grant yourself God’s pardon and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged you. To live a better and more obedient life, request the Holy Spirit to assist you in breaking bad thoughts and behavior habits. Knowing how to fight against evil and fighting evil through spiritual warfare is necessary at certain times.

If you were in a situation like the one in The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink by Wayman Jackson, you’d certainly need to be fighting evil on a different level.

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Be Confident and Do Your Best to Resist Evil on Any Angle

Understand that even though you are constantly at risk of evil, you can always overcome evil if you decide not to follow God or use the strength He provides. Depending on God’s power operating through you because that power is infinitely greater than that of evil. Have faith that if you employ God’s resources and follow His instructions, you can win spiritual wars.

If You Want to Combat Evil, Close Any Door That Will Let Them Enter

Make sure no doors are opening for Satan to enter your life. These doors include not dedicating enough time to prayer, immaturity, and conflict in your interpersonal interactions. Relationships with your husband and kids, in particular, need special attention because conflict with them can leave you all open to evil.

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Learn How to Fight Against Evil and Be a Force for Good

God calls all believers—male or female—to participate in the daily spiritual conflicts in our imperfect society. Evil is always going to be around us. However, we can fight them and win if we keep God in our hearts.

If you wish to read a book about fighting evil, we highly suggest getting The Sword of the Spirit: City on the Brink by Wayman Jackson. Visit his website at to learn more about it. Don’t forget to check out our other article and understand His goodness today!