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Learning how to be a leader is important knowledge to procure because each of us has the capacity to lead others, and ourselves, to greatness.

Fritznel D. Octave, author of Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope, is aware of just how valuable people who know how to be leaders are. Being a coach himself, Fritznel has helped people realize that there are leaders within them waiting to be awakened. A leader is made, not born, after all.

Today, we’ll introduce some valuable traits that leaders should learn to make them the best leaders they can be. We’re excited to show these qualities to you!

Learning How to Communicate Properly

Good communication and effective leadership go hand in hand. The most effective leaders are adept communicators who can convey information in a number of ways, from asking for feedback and utilizing active listening strategies to sharing facts and telling stories.

Leaders can communicate effectively orally and in writing and cater to a wide spectrum of individuals from various backgrounds, positions, levels, locations, and more. A leader’s ability to communicate with their team will directly impact how well a plan performs. It’s best to hire or train quality leaders to lead people and encourage them to reach their goals.

Practicing the Art of Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to respond to challenges adaptively in addition to being able to overcome hurdles and setbacks. By projecting a positive attitude, leaders can assist people in sustaining the emotional fortitude required to commit to a common goal. Doing so will also lead to the bravery to move forward and conquer obstacles. This is known as resilient leadership.

A great leader prioritizes their own well-being as well as the wellness of their subordinates. Not only that, they also boost performance for the teams and themselves, making them more productive.

Being Self-Aware Is One of the Leader’s Greatest Power

If you are interested in how to be a leader, then you are certainly going to need self-awareness. Fritznel D. Octave shows how self-awareness can greatly avoid problems like the ones presented in his book, Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope. Although this is a more introspective characteristic, humility and self-awareness are essential traits of a leader.

Being a more self-aware person and identifying your own advantages and disadvantages will help you lead others more skillfully. It’s very difficult to understand others if you don’t understand yourself, after all. Finding out what makes a good leader is the first step to becoming a great leader, and that can only be done if someone is self-aware.

Vision Is a Must for Leaders to Have

Gaining commitment and inspiring people are crucial components of leadership. Leaders with a clear purpose make sure to link the everyday responsibilities of their team and each member’s values to the organization’s overarching goals.

This can assist staff members in finding purpose in their jobs, raising engagement, fostering trust, and advancing priorities. It is important that you share the vision in a way that will enable others to comprehend it, retain it, and spread it further.

Leaders Need to Have R-E-S-P-E-C-T

One of the most essential actions a leader can do every single day is to treat people with respect. It promotes trust, lessens tension and conflict, and increases your performance. It takes more than just not being disrespectful to create a culture of respect.

Good leaders treat everyone they interact with, from peers and direct reports to customers and their own superiors, as they would like to be treated. People under their leadership frequently follow suit, boosting morale at work.

How to Be a Leader: Apply the Changes You Learned Here

Now that you know the traits that good leaders should have try applying them in your life. If you need help, Fritznel D. Octave can provide coaching sessions, and you can also buy his book, Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope, to read more interesting stuff from him.

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