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To help them answer their curiosity about life’s meaning, Christians look to Biblical prophecy.

The Bible is close to Christians’ hearts, it also is the source of wisdom and guidance whenever they go through dire times. Regardless of the distinction of the period in history, it reflects a modernity, there’ is no questioning the knowledge and insights the Bible offers. It is a guide to the believer on how to live through commonality of life and tribulations and has resolutions.

Perhaps due to the difference in the timeline, people have had trouble trying to understand Biblical prophecy. They can read and grasp the gist of the stories. However, when applied reality, each verse has a more profound, underlying meanings.

Literal Or Symbolic

The Biblical prophecy is a complex and highly debated topic. But if this debate were to be summarized in the specifics, it would revolve around two primary schools of thought: literal or symbolic. Coming to find in deep reflection and study both come to compliment the other.

Biblical stories which time and again have proven themselves to be literal, has shown down through the ages a massive religious belief that Christ would physically return to establish His kingdom. This is why there is a call for all peoples to come to the knowledge of the Lord’s saving grace.  

The Word of the Lord is everlasting, and down through the age’s believers’ risk everything to bring what we now know as the Bible, ‘The Good News’ in each home, and for people to be able to read god’s Word for themselves. This was a great accomplishment to overcome many a great hurdles, wo each individual can get to know the Lord, and thereby reconciled to the Creator.

A Harrowing Tale On Biblical Prophecy

Author Annette K. Mazzone has written a book story of Bible prophecy. And the Author wishes to extend the good will of the Doctrine of Christ in her book titled Lily Among Thorns, readers are introduced to the main character Lily, a young woman in her mid-twenties, whose only crime against humankind is her love for the Lord and her belief in the Bible as it is written. She is not alone experiencing the pain of losing family and love. As society becomes a complete surveillance society, Lily manages to maintain her faith. And she discovers that the faith of others are everywhere.

Decoding Bible Prophecy

The individual decoding the Bible the symbolism and throughout the narratives. Make reading the Bible and enriching experience. The Bible is a straightforward source of inspiration and throughout its pages is the truth for the ages. The Biblical true enlightenment found in Bible prophecy, is as relevant today as when it was penned two thousand years ago by John the Revelator

However, the imagery woven into the Biblical narratives to metaphorically inspire the reader to understand and uncomplicate the upcoming future events unfolding in contemporary World History. In a Word, and lessoned learned, Biblical prophecy is everyone’s story. Just like the character Lily in the story, Lily Among Thorns. We are all living in an age where Bible Prophecy Comes Alive!