Re-imagining the past can be aided with reading. It transcends the readers into a world or time they have never been.

Historical fiction has brought light to everyone in understanding the world better; and how it has evolved from the past to modern life. In the absence of history, the present and the future are unclear. Thus, discovering the past is essential in establishing your self-identity. And it is possible to rediscover it through the storytelling of fictional and non-fictional narratives that revolve around it. There are many ways to imaginatively interpret the events that have brought us to the present time. All of which is easy to do!

Choose Which Era Interests You

The world has gone through so much, and so is; its evolving history. We have established the narrative of the past – Paleolithic Age to the Crusades, the Period of Colonialism, Post Colonialism – and so many other epochs worth mentioning. With that said, which period in history are you most drawn to? For whatever reason, there is always that time in the past which captivates your curiosity. However, if you are attentive to detail, explore all the eras by following the timeline.

Research Facts About It

When you have finally discovered the curiosities of history that transpired within you, research facts about it. Studying historical information is exciting – most definitely if it highly interests you. It is advisable to visit libraries, go to a book store, explore documentaries, and watch related historical films. There are numerous online resources you can scout – make sure that you are looking into reliable ones.

Read a Book Within Your Chosen Era

Historical fiction is an emerging genre of today. People are becoming more curious about the lives their ancestry and lineage have lived. Hence, more books and films are arising under this captivating category. The Yellow Rose by Carl R. Brush is one example of a well-crafted American West historical fiction. It has undertones of romance which makes it an engaging read. And if you are someone from the same geography, you would highly appreciate your roots by reading this eloquent narrative of the Texas Revolution.

Put Your Shoes in One of the Characters

In every book, movie, or story that you invest your time and emotions into, you subconsciously place yourself into one or all of the characters’ shoes – and that is the emphatic nature that lives in you, such as in everyone else’s. Moreover, if you want to be consciously empathetic to the characters, take the time to introspect while reading. It is also important to take a pause when reading. Rushing to read the book will have you forget or overlook the essential aspects of it.

Write a Reflective Review

All the things that you have gained from the story; write it down. In writing a reflective review, you can do it in two ways; personally or for others. If you only want to write it for yourself, it does not have to be well-organized; you can create bullet or number points. In psychology, writing what you have learned; makes you remember it more. Consequently, the writing process can help you re-imagine history and the story.

Recommend It

Book recommendations are essential in building a network of like-minded people who wants to explore the chronicles of the past or other genres. You can recommend it by posting it on social media, leaving a short and intriguing caption that attracts potential readers. You can also do it in social gatherings by mentioning it to your friends or family members. In such ways, re-telling a part of the story helps you recall the information and the events during that time in history.