I’ll be There For You: The One with Gifts for F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We all have that one friend. That friend who’s impossible to buy gifts for, the friend that accepts just about anything, the friend that uses all your gifts for the most peculiar of tasks, that friend that just absolutely reminds you of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character. The problem with that one friend is that you’re just not sure what to give them for a gift, fear not! Get inspired with some of these 2022 gifts your F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- reminding friend would adore:

  1. Rachel

For that one friend who reminds you of Rachel – that friend that’s impossible to buy for – that no matter what you buy for her, she’ll always return or trade it for something she likes. The fashionista who plays by her own rules and knows what she wants! Here are some of the things that you could get for her on her next birthday – but be wary! If she gives you a list of things she wants, it’s better to stick to that!

Nothing better than an Amazon Gift; you absolutely can’t run out of options. There are so many options all the way, from furniture to clothes. Plus, you give the birthday girl a free hand to pick absolutely anything she wants!

Any make-up lover knows that the Sephora Gift Card is to die for. There are so many options to choose from, from the most basic make-up essentials all the way to a neon eyeliner; there is no telling which make-up or skincare product your friend could choose.

This is for all those jewelry lovers who just love unique, personalized, or statement pieces. Here you can choose anything from rings to necklaces and choose a personalized piece based on their interests or zodiac sign (if they are into that).

  1. Chandler

For that one friend who reminds you of Chandler – that friend who can’t slip by without a sarcastic comment, the friend who loves Baywatch and just can’t seem to get enough of Yasmine Bleeth. These gifts surely won’t get a sarcastic remark out of him – or not!

Why say to the world what you can simply place in a tee? Who wouldn’t love a sarcastic tee with a fun line to get your day (and others) going! Plus, it’s a basic that goes with absolutely anything you usually wear. Plus, it would be fun to *tees* the life out of him when he wears it! *ba-dum-tsss*

For the friends who can’t start the day without his morning coffee, care for a sarcastic comment to go with that? Enjoy your morning coffee with a bit of *oomph* with a fun mug that could perfectly suit your friend’s taste in-jokes.

Does your friend absolutely love Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch? Ever heard him say that he would kill to meet her? Fear not! Have your friend meet Yasmine Bleeth’s life-size cutout. He can even run toward her in slow motion.

  1. Monica

For that one friend who reminds you of Monica – that friend who loves cooking and is addicted to finding new recipes to cook so that she can get other people to try them. If not, maybe that friend who obsessively enjoys cleaning and trying new cleaning items that could spice things up at home!

It’s a must-have cookbook with a collection of recipes mixed with heartfelt stories of an Italian life which can bring families together. It’s a cookbook great for all – whether you are a novice in the kitchen, a home cook, or even a professionally trained cook like Monica! It has a compilation of almost 200 recipes that include main dishes, bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and even candy, making them taste like little drops of heaven.

Treat your friend to a relaxing day at the spa, and maybe even make it good for 2? Let your friend relax and unwind with a soothing massage or treatment at home. To make things even better, you may want to try products that give you that spa day feeling at home.

No more wishing for a smaller vacuum to clean the small vacuum! This vacuum is excellent for reaching all the small crooks and crannies, such as those in tiny cracks and spaces and even in between your keyboard!

  1. Phoebe

For that one friend who reminds you of Phoebe – the friend who loves anything peculiar and loves fascinating pieces! The friend who loves music, singing and composing. These gifts will bring out the joy and creativity of songwriting in her!

Turn any room into your own stage using your very own Bluetooth speaker! Any singer would love this microphone/speaker since she can turn any event she wants into an audience of her very own concert. 

For the lover of the “truest” form of music, vinyl, this would surely be a treat for them. If they love collecting several types of vinyl and enjoy taking their pick from some rare finds, this would be something they would love since they get to buy some pieces of vinyl online and even opt to get a subscription to receive a vinyl every month! 

Want to challenge your friend to explore a new instrument? Try the kalimba. A handheld and portable instrument that sounds just as beautiful as a piano is undoubtedly enough to make anyone’s heart swoon and pique their curiosity.

  1. Ross

For that friend who reminds you of Ross – the lover of dinosaurs and antiquities which also has a taste for some of the finer, more expensive things. These gifts will definitely be a fun addition to their home and give it a unique twist of character!

This would be the gift for the dinosaur lover with a taste for wine and fine things. It would not only look like a mini sculpture of a T-rex, but it could also double as a wine holder or a conversation-starting centerpiece.

If your friend loves candles, these will surely give a twist to his usual boring candles. This candle shaped like an egg will slowly melt away and reveal a collectible dinosaur figurine hidden inside. Talk about a surprise!

This is a gift for all those who can’t live without an air purifier. There’s no need to ask your roommates to chip in for air filters anymore! This mini air purifier can be placed on your bedside for you to be able to rest comfortably without any sound disturbing others.

  1. Joey

For that friend who reminds you of Joey – the one who gets fascinated by anything, the one who has an eye for the simple beauties of life. These gifts will tickle the inner child in him and make him the happiest boy in the world!

We all know no one could ever replace the real Hugsy, but a backup would never hurt, right? For the friend that loves stuffed toys and just cannot sleep without them, get Joey’s sleeping buddy Hugsy! You can never go wrong with this cute penguin.

For your friend who likes to experiment with some clay, this is the gift for you! These textured clay will allow your friends to play and enjoy some squishy, marbly, and crunchy textures, all the while staying safe in case he *accidentally* gobbles them up.

Joey doesn’t share food! For the foodie who loves sandwiches, this is the gift for him! Let him take a pic of the sandwich of his choice so he can take a whiff at some of the most delicious and mouth-watering sandwiches he will ever have!