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We were born into the family of Adam with a cursed nature and a death sentence. We need a new spirit and a second birth. God has provided a redemption plan for us. – Dr. Mosley.

Dr. Julius Mosley II constantly leads readers to a higher understanding of God with his inspired, reflective book, Living Life with Blinders On Living Life As God Intended. Dr. Mosley draws upon his near-death experiences to offer an insightful glimpse into God’s answer to what comes next.

Book Review

Living Life with Blinders On chronicles how Dr. Mosley sought to discover the enduring question of the afterlife by reading the Holy Scripture, speaking with pastors, and praying. He dismisses the well-meaning assertion most often given at funerals: that the departed go to heaven despite living drastically different lives. Instead, this book warns that there are consequences to your worldly actions.

Readers from all walks of life and backgrounds can aid from the mind-blowing message in Living Life with Blinders On. Although all individuals will experience one form of death, Dr. Mosley’s work shows the second type of death, a choice to turn away from the good news of God’s design.

Unlike other books that comment on the afterlife, Living Life with Blinders On is based on the author’s recollections after almost drowning and surviving a near-fatal car accident. Dr. Mosley urges others to recognize the essence of these revelations and strive for goodness. From those who are simply drifting; through their days to those who claim that God does not exist, Living Life with Blinders On is a call to redemption and action. 

Living Life with Blinders On Living Life As God Intended is available in both ebook and audiobook formats on Apple,, Barnes & Noble, and most major retailers.

In the fourth grade, Dr. Julius Mosley II only wanted two things-to to become a dentist and to learn the truth of God’s desire for humankind. After graduating from Howard University Dental School and almost losing his life in two near-death experiences, Dr. Mosley got his wish. He continues to spread God’s Word, redemptive love, and the truth of the afterlife through his writing.

On the other hand, Living Life with Blinders On includes three chapters devoted to answering common questions people ask concerning their self-discovery and spirituality.

  • Chapter One answers the question of. Who we are. It discusses how men are triune beings composed of the body, soul, and spirit.
  • Chapter Two tackles What we must know. This talks about the curses or sins we commit throughout our lives and how we can act following God’sGod’s word.
  • And Chapter Three details Where we obtain this information. This chapter explores how people should be spiritually minded to get peace.

Author’s Corner

People generally do not focus on the essential things in life. Humanity tends not to care about life after death, even though people have been urged to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first. As the author conveyed, he remembers being a fourth grader trying to find the reason for his existence. He could not accept that he had been created and allowed to live and then exist anymore. Dr. Mosley’s second desire was to become a dentist to help people. He accomplished both. He learned how to receive eternal life and share this vital information with others while giving God glory for all He has done.

Similarly, Dr. Mosley is a practicing dentist, a husband of thirty-seven (37) loving years, and a supportive father of three adult children. He is also the ministry head of evangelism and discipleship for over 20 years at his local fellowship, of which he is a member.