Novelists deal with imagination. Fiction is an art form but may also act as a catharsis and inspiration. Authors who understand the beauty and power of the fantastical have created some of the best stories ever published, with characters whose appetite or qualities either save or destroy them. These qualities can come in many forms, such as paranormal or supernatural powers like clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is the magical gift of gaining information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. It means that such knowledge is clairvoyance, knowledge of information not necessarily known to any other person, not obtained by ordinary channels of perceiving or reasoning. A person who claims to have such ability is said to be a clairvoyant. While everyone does not fully accept it, the wonders of the mind have inspired writers and artists into masterpieces.

If you have always marveled at what it would be like to be able to glimpse what the future holds. Travel through different time frames in Edward R. Lipinski’s “Visions of Reality.” Lipinski’s latest creative book, combining the supernatural with a well-developed plot, garnered ReadersMagnet’s grand prize for its RMazing Grand Bonanza Level 2. The book tells an exciting tale about a man with an uncanny vision that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

For various situations, seeing the end can serve as an advantage. This gift makes everyone else envious, but how does it feel to see glimpses of upcoming events beyond one’s control? How does it feel to see terror and glory no one else knows about? How should one react to a hair-raising vision? These questions trouble Edward R. Lipinski’s protagonist in “Visions of Reality.” 

“Visions of Reality” tells the story of Henry Gainsvort. Growing up, Henry was nowhere different than other boys his age, but his fate changed when he saw uncanny visions of the future when he turned eight. Henry can see events happen moments before they occur. Henry can see more future events and glimpses into someone’s destiny as he grows older.

Since Henry’s prophecies weren’t always positive or fortunate, his friends and acquaintances started to be cautious and suspicious of him and his peculiar forecasts. Skepticism and distrust replaced interest and curiosity. People avoided him, and he quickly became an outcast in society.

Henry lives in a dismal apartment alone as a hermit, resolved never to reveal his visions to anybody again. His reclusiveness changed when his new neighbor Augie Martello became his friend. Augie encouraged Henry to use his predictive ability to earn money. Together they visited casinos and racetracks where Henry would try to predict the outcome of the games and events.

A tragic vision caused Henry to be all alone again. Soon, he discovered a way to use his power to reap a reward in a different realm. His success gained the attention of the federal government, which stopped him. Everything was going well for Henry until he had a more disturbing vision than ever. He knew that he had to sound the alarm, but Henry was met with mockery when he did. When the authorities tried to isolate him, two more visions occurred to Henry: one depicted a horrifying disaster with catastrophic results. At the same time, the other was brilliant and heralded an enormous and glorious new beginning. What does the future have in store for Henry’s destiny?

There is much discussion these days about whether it is best to live in the moment, whether reminiscing is good, or whether everyone should always have an eye on the future. However, in reality, humans spend much of the day flicking between these different chronological perspectives. “Visions of Reality” will push its readers to reflect on whether being a clairvoyant is a gift or a curse. The book has an enthralling plot and shocking twists that will pique its readers’ wildest imagination. Edward R. Lipinski, a master storyteller, did a great job developing the characters of his book. From its first chapter to its unexpected ending, the reader will delight those with an open mind and a thirst for the extraordinary.

Apart from “Visions of Reality,” Lipinski is the author of the well-revered “Werewolf on Madison Avenue,” an impeccable horror book that intertwines humor in its gripping, unsettling, and utterly chilling plot. Edward R. Lipinski’s works will not only entertain their readers, but they will also inspire and make them think.

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