A young boy learns a valuable lesson that Madam’s mini shows him.

Hubert is good friends with Madam, a very pleasant elderly lady who moved to his world all the way from England and brought with her a snazzy little 66 Mini Cooper S. One day, Madam takes Hubert for a ride around town to deliver some letters. They find themselves at a stoplight and encounter a man driving a 57 Chevrolet Corvette, making fun of Madam and her Mini.

A Nostalgic Community

Madam’s Mini takes place in a community where people can entrust their kids with their neighbors. Hubert is a young kid who is fond of his new neighbors, Madam and her husband, Sir Archie. These neighbors come all the way from England, so they are foreigners who are making roots in a small community.

The neighborhood in the story emanates nostalgia as it brings back the readers to the time when people still had a strong sense of community and kindness, especially in small towns.

Characters with a Sense of Familiarity

Because the community in Madam’s Mini has a strong spirit of nostalgia, the characters also bring a sense of familiarity. Of course, the main character, Hubert, reminds the readers of themselves or their younger selves. Hubert is a child who is curious. He is eager to learn and spend his energy on adventures. In the story, his new neighbors know that he loves strolling around town, so they take him to town in their 66 Mini Cooper S.

Compelling Imagery

Madam’s Mini is illustrated by Judy Allen. The images in the book allow the readers to get into the story in real time. It is a perfect image that takes you to a dimension where everything in the story actually moves. Young readers enjoy these types of imagery where they can actually see the story before their eyes and allow themselves to get captivated by the world in the pages.

The Lessons It Conveys:

Term Differences

Since Hubert uses standard American English and Madam uses British English, young readers can learn the differences between the two because of the terms they use in their sentences. Hubert actually explains some words that Madam uses for the audience. For example, if she says “go to the market” and “post some letters,” she means to “go to the groceries” and “mail letters,” respectively.

This basic language lesson allows the young readers a greater possibility that some terms can be used differently in other languages.

“Big Things in Life Come in Small Packages”

Madam and Hubert ride the Mini Cooper and find themselves in the stoplight. While waiting for it to turn green, a loud Chevrolet Corvette with the top down stops beside them. Seeing that the car is small and unusual (the driver’s side is on the right and driven by an elderly woman), the “Vette” driver mocks the Mini.

Big things in life come in small packages” is what Madam says to Hubert to remind him that even if their car is small and unusual, it is never to be underestimated.

Staying Calm in Dire Situations

One of the most important lessons that Madam’s Mini conveys is to stay calm even in dire situations. When the man mocks them, Hubert observes that Madam remains unfazed even if they are challenged to a race that seems impossible to win. Madam smiles as if there is nothing to worry about. It is a trait that young readers should learn as they grow up.

The Perfect Balance of Pride and Humility

The story also conveys the balance of pride and humility. When the man in the “Vette” mocks their vehicle at a stoplight, Madam isn’t intimidated. She even challenges the man on a race. Madam exhibits pride and trust in her engine. Even if it is small and weird, she is confident that her Mini can rev up and get to the finish line first. Huber then discovers that Madam has a few cards in her sleeves, not letting the adversary know what’s coming next.

Despite dominating the race, Madam still remains composed. When the man apologizes for his behavior and asks her if they can trade cars, she lets Hubert decide. With this amount of trust towards the kid, she stays humble and grandmotherly. Hubert says no to the answer. This time, Hubert learns the proper balance of pride and humility.

Madam’s Mini has a perfect jive of fun and lessons to never judge a book by its cover. Young readers are taken into an adventure where they learn secrets they can apply in the real world. Jeff Lucier’s Madam’s Mini is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and the ReadersMagnet Bookstore.