We may not know it, but Jesus Christ pulls with us through our lives, which is why the burdens we have on our shoulders aren’t heavy because Jesus is with us along the way.

Pamela KC Hollrah-Asleson, poet and author of “Yoked With Christ,” knows Christ is pulling with us as we journey through life. In her poem book, she shares poems that acknowledge and aim to know who is pulling beside us as we all carry our own crosses and burdens. Pamela describes her book as a “poem-devotional-workbook,” which perfectly encapsulates what the poems inside the pages are for.

But aside from Jesus Christ helping pull our burdens, did you know that there were hardships that Christ never asked us to bear? Today, we’ll look at some of these “weights” we were never meant to hoist on our tired shoulders.

Burden #1: Burdening Ourselves With Perfectionism

Being “good enough” is a goal that consumes our civilization. Many people adopt the heavy burden of perfectionism. As a result of this persistent strain, we cry out for acceptance nonstop and worry that we haven’t done enough to obtain God’s and other people’s approval. Not only is bearing this load tiresome, but it is also pointless. We never stop ascending, yet we never get there.

Ironically, we might end up settling for considerably less than what God meant for us, even if we could get to a point where we felt “good enough.” God’s purpose is to make us holy, not just decent enough.

Burden #2: The Unbearable Burden of Humanity’s Sins

The weight of our transgressions—the emotions of shame, remorse, inadequacy, servitude, helplessness, and humiliation—often seems like a mountain of stones that we are buried beneath rather than just a few pebbles on our backs. Not only are we incapable of bearing the weight of our transgressions, but we are also unable to move from the soil in which we lie beneath them. Sin is crushing; it’s more than just hefty.

For believers, the name of Christ is so energizing because of this truth. His name means “delivery,” and with his presence, our lungs are able to exhale a sigh of relief. The fact that Jesus Christ pulls with us is enough to rest the souls of those who believe in his name. Knowing that Christ is pulling with us is honestly relieving. He also encourages us to bear our burdens with ease and offer it up to Him.

Burden #3: Burdening Ourselves With What Will Happen in the Future

Jesus invites us to live for Him now and put our faith in Him to provide for tomorrow throughout the Bible. He answers the question, “What will happen tomorrow?” for us. Christ asks us, quite simply, “What does loyalty look like in the modern world? Today, how could I love God and people?”

The uncertainty in these questions reveals whether we are…

  • Dreading an impending event
  • Yearning for answers and clarity regarding the future
  • Suffering from anxious thoughts related to the future

Absolutely nothing (as well as no one else) can compare to Jesus’ desire to assist us in bearing our loads and providing our hearts with rest.

Remember: Jesus Christ Pulls With Us Through EVERYTHING

Although we will have to carry with us some burden, knowing that Jesus Christ is pulling with us is a relief our souls deserve. We are not alone in our struggles, challenges, and low points in life. Jesus is always with us, and He will never leave us or give us difficulties we can’t handle.

Grab a copy of “Yoked With Christ,” by Pamela KC Hollrah-Asleson today to read some devotional poems. Visit her website at to start ordering. Don’t forget to read our other articles and learn how poetry enhances life and helps us connect with others!