All people are responsible for their own actions, and children are not exempted.

Jill Smart’s adorable children’s book Make Good Choices explains how our choices can have repercussions for ourselves and others. The optimistic and encouraging author shows how to distinguish between doing what is right and what is wrong, as well as how to demonstrate compassion and good character. 

Make Good Choices is a book that serves as a guidebook for young minds and features beautiful illustrations across its pages. The takeaway from this excellent book is one that will always be relevant. It is an interesting resource that everyone may use, including children, teachers, and parents.

About Charming Author Jill Smart

Jill is a caring person who is focused on achieving her goals. She believes that if people put in the work and are mindful of the results of their choices, they can do anything. In her book, she enlightens people that they are responsible for their future. It is her goal as an educator and author to instill this idea in the brains of the next generation.

Jill Smart has worked as a teacher for the past 28 years, primarily in the states of Michigan, Iowa, and Kansas. Her teaching experience includes classes in secondary science as well as health. She has a passion for learning and has pursued it throughout her life, culminating in her graduation from Spring Arbor University with a Master of Arts in Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2012.

In addition, Jill is enthusiastic about reading, the outdoors, and performing acts of kindness for strangers. She has been married to Don, her best friend, for 30 years. The couple has been blessed with two daughters and is already a grandmother.

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How “Make Good Choices” Bloomed

Jill Smart’s “Make Good Choices” features a little boy on the cover with his eyes raised, his index finger pointed toward his face, and the devil and the angel standing on either side of him. 

Jill explains that the story was meant to demonstrate how every possible course of action has both positive and bad results. People must always consider the benefits and drawbacks of various courses of action.

Having both worked with children and raised her own, Jill knows firsthand how vital it is to set a good example and encourage healthy decision-making from a young age. For her, the positive outcomes that result from her wise decisions make them both simpler and more appealing.

After Jill retired from teaching, she made up her mind to write a book. She finally did what she always told her students to do: just be my Nike today” and started writing and illustrating her own children’s book. Just do it, she says.

Diving Deeper About the Book 

Inspiration for the children’s book came from lessons taught to Jill by her father. She used much of what her dad had stated as inspiration for her children’s book. Jill had the sudden realization that kids can save a lot of trouble in life by deciding early on to make good decisions for themselves.

Jill uses her long history of enlightening her students on the topic of good decision-making as an example throughout the book. She would prompt them to think about the consequences of their decisions and offer suggestions on how to improve their chances of success.

She also encourages her class to conduct random acts of kindness. In light of these developments, author Jill Smart is delighted that her children’s book, “Make Good Choices,” is finally seeing print.

She is currently at work on a sequel or prequel titled “Choices Have Consequences,” which will discuss various actions children can do, such as coloring on the wall, and the possible consequences of doing so, encouraging them to consider the potential effects of their actions before making any decisions.

Wrapping It Up

Bonafide author Jill Smart hopes that her books lesson will be shared worldwide and help people realize that it does not hurt to pause for a while and think about whether a decision will provide a good or bad outcome. 

Teaching children the skills theyll need to consistently make wise choices can benefit them not just now but throughout their lives.

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