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Arthur’s Fire Drill by Marc Brown

Fire safety is very important, especially for children. That is why Arthur’s Fire Drill earns a top spot in our short list of books about safety. Published more than twenty years ago, this remarkable children’s storybook by the author and illustrator Marc Brown continues to educate children about the importance of attending fire drills. The book feature’s a character named D.W., a student. One day, her teacher announces that they will have a fire drill. D.W. is afraid that the school is going to burn down. To convince her that it is safe and essential to attend the fire drill, Arthur gives D.W. his fire fighter’s hat, a whistle, and few tips on fire safety. Arthur even appoints D.W. as their home fire warden. This talk inspires D.W. to attend the school fire drill. Marc Brown’s book is essential for young readers as they teach them important tips regarding fire safety.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad by Keith Niles Corman

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is a wonderful children’s illustrated book by Keith Niles Corman. Initially, the book tells the pleasant story of Katie and Kenny and their visit to a local railroad yard. One day, the kids go on a tour with their father, who is a railroad engineer. Before the tour begins, the two were instructed to wear safety gear. While on tour, the children learned many things about trains, railroads, how they work, and the people responsible for the railroad’s safety. Keith Niles Corman’s 2016 children’s book is not only about appreciating the beauty of trains and railroads. In this book, he emphasizes the importance of the slogan “safety first”. Through the character’s journey, children are introduced to railroad safety during trips.  Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is a remarkable educational tool for educating passengers of trains and young readers in general.

The Children’s Book of Keeping Safe by Giles Sophie

The Children’s Book of Keeping Safe is another relevant children’s book for young readers. Author Sophie Giles teamed up with artist and illustrator Kate Davies to come up with a simple yet super creative way to educate and constantly remind kids what is safe and what is not. This educational yet entertaining book uses re-usable stickers for every safety topic. These colorful materials encourage children to absorb each important lesson featured in the book. The gold stickers are also used to affirm and praise children’s healthy habits. There is also a special wipe-clean reward chart to record their unlocked achievements. Overall this safety book is very useful, especially for young kids with a short attention span. The Children’s Book of Keeping Safe by Giles Sophie is proof that teaching kids important stuff can be fun and entertaining.

Not Everyone Is Nice by Frederick Alimonti and Ann Tedesco

When we were kids, we often hear this four-letter warning from our parents- “dont talk to strangers.” And we often wonder why they always utter these words as if it is the most crucial rule in the world. Not complying with this stern warning often gets us into trouble. But of course, most parents cannot explain this warning to us in a straightforward manner. It would take a few more years, perhaps, to appreciate and truly understand the importance of these. For Frederick Alimonti and Ann Tedesco, it is important to make children understand a bit about the reason why we should not trust anyone, especially strangers. Not Everyone Is Nice is a children’s illustrated book that attempts to make young kids understand the lesson behind not trusting people we don’t know.

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules by Julie Golob

In the United States, where gun control laws are loose, it is important to educate young readers about gun safety. Every year many young people are involved in gun accidents and indiscriminate firing. Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules by Julie Golob is a very important book for children. The truth is guns are equally dangerous and fatal as fire, roads, railroads, and drugs, yet we rarely talk to young kids about gun safety. While this may be a taboo in many families, world champion professional shooter, firearms instructor, and mother Julie Golob should start early. By introducing kids to guns, how they work, and why they are dangerous, we educate kids to be more responsible and aware of their potential danger. Golob shares with parents how to introduce this sensitive topic to kids with carefully written dialogue and bright illustrations featured in the book. Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules can help save kids against the dangers of guns and other dangerous tools.