A young moorhen seeks a safer side of the Wide Bridge to guarantee his bloodline after he had lost his family to a predator.

Kenneth J. Sousa’s Black Menace: Scourge of an Apocalyptic World follows a young moorhen named Mik, who has a sad experience of losing his family when an alligator devours his family. Sage is a white heron and an old family friend who tells him to proceed to the safer side of the Wide Bridge, where he could find a spouse and a nesting area to guarantee his line. Mik learns that the marsh has a dark secret. He needs to battle predators that include Greybeard, the evil great blue heron, who is controlled by the Black Menace.

Alyssa Avina of Pacific Book Review commented, “The collective world the author builds within this wilderness setting is perfectly paired with the rich and dynamic characters of the story itself, and the mythos around how these animals interact with one another, and how their society works was well-established by the author.” 

She also said in her review that Black Menace “is a must-read YA mystery and suspense thriller and a brilliant world-altering narrative that hones in on iconic storytelling themes. The twists and turns the story takes, as well as the fast pace of the narrative and the dynamic characters, will keep readers invested as the story progresses.”

Foluso Falaye said of Sousa’s work, “The book is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a narrative that feels unique and different but has all the essential components of the great tales you love.”

This is a detail-driven, exceptionally crafted work,” Robert Buccellato commented, “that will appeal to naturalists, fantasy addicts, and readers of beloved fiction young or old.”

A review from Beatrice Toothman reads, “There’s something extra magical about stories that use anthropomorphized animals to relay what amounts to very complicated and intrinsically human experiences.”

Catie of IndieReader said, “Kenneth J. Sousa’s ‘Black Menace: Scourge of an Apocalyptic World’ bears the promise of exciting, educational animal-centric adventures before it.”

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QUOTE| “I am young, Great One, but I have stood on my own this long spring. I have seen the Dark Marsh of which you speak. I must hear from you the tale of the great destruction I found there. I am ready to hear your story.” – Mik. Black Menace: Scourge of an Apocalyptic World. Kenneth J. Sousa.