The job of law enforcement is tricky. Day in and day out, your life is at risk. It is an occasional hazard and a small price to pay to serve the public and protect the peace. Simply, It is not an occupation that is not hard.

In some ways, the work of a law enforcement officer has some similarities with that of an armed officer of the military. Both are involved in high-stress situations that could sometimes lead to a choice between life or death. They could even be put in charge of the life of somebody. Should something go wrong, the weight and toll of that life will weigh heavily on the police officer.

With such a difficult job, is there even a time for reading? Heck, what can reading even teach the officers of the law in doing their job. It turns out there is plenty that books can teach cops. Not only do books educate, but they can also entertain and reminisce during a time that is far removed from now.

Educate, entertain and reminisce. The following books for law enforcement officers do just that.

Badge 411 by Kurt Neimann

This book about a rookie officer by Kurt Neimann is based on actual experiences during his time as a probation officer. It contains 82 vignettes from his time at the service. First as a rookie officer, then as a member of an inner-city unit for 12 years as they deal with gangs and drugs, then as a unit tasked with dealing with violent, dysfunctional families with incorrigible juveniles, and finally as the designer and coordinator of the first Academy for Juvenile Detention Officers in his state. The book is full of good details about what it is like to be a rookie officer at such a prestigious institution.

The book is an entertaining read that will surely be relatable to law enforcement officers as the author reminisces about his rookie years.

You can grab a copy of the book by visiting the author’s website.

Law Enforcement Families: The Ultimate Backup by James T. Reese, Ph.D., FBI Special Agent Retired and Cheri Castellano

This book is for officers and their spouses. It is an attempt to assist officers and their families in fixing their personal lives. It is no secret that those who choose law enforcement as their life career live very different lives. With their lives on the line for every beat that they have, sooner or later, the law enforcement officer would sooner or later develop trauma or PTSD. The key to a cop’s success also lies in a sound support system. They help in their sanity, but the family can also help the cop remain grounded and connected to civilian life.

Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator by Gary Noesner

There must be much more pressure among law enforcement officials to perform well. Given that their work involves trying to appease a volatile person while saving and keeping the lives of hostages, they must be meticulous in approaching a given situation. This book, in particular, is by Gary Noesner and recounts his time in the NBI, including an episode on the Waco Siege, an incident that inspired a miniseries. It is a book that offers a new perspective on law enforcement.

Cadet Blues by Rob Krider

Cadet Blues is an entertaining novel that details the misadventures of the author during their time attending the California Highway Patrol Academy. It is a book that is all too relatable to cops who have been to the academy. It is a nostalgic look back at their days in the academy for current and former law enforcement officers. It is an entertaining and informative read for those thinking of going to the academy.