Librarians exist because of libraries; libraries exist because of books; and, books exist because of authors. The ALA will bring them all together in a single place with all the people involved, such as academics, publishers, marketers, illustrators, and more. And yes, students and book lovers are expected to arrive at the conference as well.

Libraries and Librarians

However unpopular it is to the public, library science and all types of studies concerning the gathering and management of books, magazines, newspapers, theses, dissertations, and more are highly significant in this age of misinformation and disinformation. Librarians and library staff are responsible for recalibrating their profession, especially during the pandemic when people choose to stay at home. The American Library Association Annual is an event where everything related to the management of books and information will be reconsidered, rediscovered, reviewed, reexamined, and repurposed.

Books and Authors

Books, fiction or non-fiction, have a big influence on how readers understand information and how they perceive the world around them. It could be easily inferred that the content a book has is based on the author’s point of view. It could also be influenced by the editors or anyone involved in the process of writing and publishing the book. The presence of some reputable and award-winning authors at the 2022 ALA could shed some light on the creation of these literary masterpieces.

Conference and Exhibition

The information being gathered by librarians is coming from books influenced by the authors. The connection of these entities could make the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition an intellectual affair. This is necessary for an age where all types of information are being challenged by the public. Throughout the conference, participants will be bombarded with different activities to inform, educate, and update librarians, educators, authors, publishers, and all parties about technological developments and other innovations.

As expected, ReadersMagnet’s booth is going to be present at the exhibition as well. More than a hundred popular and award-winning books will be displayed, and eight (8) authors are scheduled for a book signing at the booth. Please visit The Festival of Storytellers for more details. We also have available representatives you can talk to if you need further assistance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!