Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Living a life towards fulfillment is subjective, but people are trying to find the best signs that make it definite for a goal to live by.

Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” by Russell Marlett is a motivational book that presents commentaries on eight-line verses that the author relates to. It gives insights into realization and hope about life and how one maneuvers its trajectory. Moreover, the book follows the author’s life as he tries to find the truth about life and his relation to a forbidden chest he was not allowed to open when he was young.

Most of us try to find the meaning of life by exploring everything we can reach in the world. As Christians, we tend to find relevance in the scriptures as we go along our way to have the best lives. Happiness is different for each individual, but we try to look for a definitive meaning for it so we know if we are living a content and fulfilled life. Christians want to be part of the rapture, where God will gather and grant us eternal happiness.

Here are 10 signs you are living a life toward fulfillment:

Sign #1: You know who you are.

Most people who advise a happier life will always say, “be you.” The reason behind this is that a true, happy life begins with the world within the self. You can never feel happiness if you don’t know who you are. Knowing oneself is not an easy task, but it always starts with knowing your purpose or the “wants” and “needs” in life.

Sign #2: You let go of the hurt.

Unpleasant experiences always haunt a person and corrupt the will to be happy. In addition, the hurt you feel hinders your full potential to pursue your goal. However, the hurt you feel has its importance in your transformation into becoming the current person that you are. With that, you become wiser, letting you know when to let go of the hurt, ignore the bad effects of your experiences, and have your eyes on the goal.

Sign #3: You have compassion and empathy.

Empathy is a superpower that everyone can harness. It is the understanding of other people’s feelings and putting oneself into their shoes. Compassion is the act of kindness towards oneself and the others. It requires one to have empathy to feel and harness it.

If you have empathy and compassion, you should consider yourself a powerful and happy person.

Sign #4: You know how to self-care

Everyone needs self-care, but some people find it difficult to find time. Caring for oneself requires time, as it involves self-healing and meditation. Self-care is also subjective as it depends on the individuality of a person. Some people engage in physical activities to stimulate and calm their nerves. On the other hand, some enjoy staying at home and reading a good book.

Sign #5: You are satisfied with your work.

People do some work to earn and to make use of their skills for profit. Working helps people harness their passion. However, working could be stressful. Sometimes, it does question one about passion and purpose in life. If you think you are unfit and unsatisfied with the job, it is okay for you to have a pause and think about your future. With this, you can find a reason to look for another job or start something new that should stimulate your passion and happiness in an environment.

Sign #6: You know your circle.

You must also know your circle of friends. If your relationship with some people is toxic and unproductive, you can always let go and find those that will make your life worthwhile, productive, and happier. Unhealthy relationships will corrupt your happiness in the future.

Sign #7: You never stop learning.

The learning process always continues whenever and wherever you are. You can always discover many things that might activate your interest, giving you more reason to live with challenges to pursue as you learn to get through them, like puzzle mazes.

Sign #8: You know when to seek help.

We are not perfect. We would eventually face a difficult challenge that we think we could not go through. However, knowing where to seek help will help us with the challenges. If you know how and when to connect to the professionals, then you are a force to be reckoned with. It means that you know your limitations in life. Seeking help is not bad, but it’s a solution that will catapult you to your goal.

Sign #9: You are generous.

One sign that you live a fulfilled life is being generous. Generosity comes when you have harnessed compassion and empathy. Moreover, it is a general kindness that lets you support and assist other people as a means of giving something you have.

Sign #10: You are full of gratitude.

Another strong sign that you are living a fulfilled life is being grateful. Having gratitude for everything you have lets you have more connection with God and with yourself. It also means that you fully understand yourself and your purpose.

Just like the author in “Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom,” we are all looking for the greater things in life. Sometimes, we don’t notice that we have everything around us. Most of the time, they are free.