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Human as we are, we all have our own belief systems that are connected to our way of life – and a spiritual connection is one of those crucial aspects. 

Spirituality is a fundamental aspect of human existence. It provides meaning, purpose, and a sense of connection to happiness. However, in an increasingly secular and materialistic world, many people choose to live their lives without spirituality.

The need for spirituality in life is also apparent, as it encourages all to have better relationships with themselves and others. Moreover, being spiritual is enough to achieve the happiness material possessions fail to give. Over time, human civilization has transitioned from a simplistic means of living to being a greedy, capitalistic society.

Sadly, we may never get out of it. That’s why books like Spiritual Freedom Press teach us how to regain spiritual freedom. This book by Chet Shupe is the perfect guide that sets us on the right path. After all, humanity needs a lot of guidance from everything that weighed them down and made them feel lost. 

The Absence of Meaning and Purpose

Spirituality offers a framework for understanding the deeper purpose and meaning of life. It answers existential questions and guides how to live a fulfilling present and future. Living life without spirituality causes people to struggle to find a sense of meaning beyond material pursuits. It will eventually lead to a deep-seated emptiness and a lack of direction. After all, no matter how much money or power we have, it will never be enough for a soul that longs for something beyond comprehension.

The relentless pursuit of material possessions in this current time will eventually drain us. It makes us think about what matters initially but will subsequently become regretful. Moreover, meaning and purpose are essential aspects of human existence, shaping our perspectives and decisions. Without spirituality, individuals may find themselves adrift in a sea of uncertainties, unable to find satisfactory answers.

Being Out of Touch with Oneself and Others

What makes spirituality unique is the way it highlights self-awareness and constant reflection. The goal has always been to connect with their inner selves. Additionally, it creates a deep understanding of their emotions, desires, and what they value the most. Life without spirituality can result in a disconnection from reality, which can be dangerous in the long run.

Moreover, living without spirituality can affect your current relationships because of how you act. The sense of belonging comes from a community with shared beliefs and values. In this way, failing to be grounded within will ruin what you have with the people around you.

Another way we could look at it is how civilization impacts human happiness. The way the world panders the things that would seemingly make us happy has become overwhelmingly large. When we become consumed by this culture of being materialistic, we lose sight of the natural source of happiness.

The Inner Turmoil of Living Life Without Spirituality

Spirituality offers a path towards inner peace and contentment. Furthermore, it encourages people to be more grateful for the present. Living life without spirituality can result in endless chasing of achievements in vain. Additionally, a life without spirituality can lead to perpetual restlessness and lack of contentment. It isn’t excellent when we think nothing is enough to make us happy.

The absence of spirituality in this society can result in a lack of meaning and purpose. We must always keep in touch with what truly makes us happy in our limited time. Moreover, without divine guidance, life becomes a series of mundane tasks lacking a broader context.

Spirituality offers solace and comfort during times of emotional distress or existential questioning. It provides individuals with tools such as prayer, meditation, or rituals to find inner peace and navigate life’s challenges. Without these spiritual practices, individuals may struggle to cope with stress, anxiety, and grief, leading to a heightened sense of emotional turmoil and a lack of resilience.