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There are many ways that we can show our love in the hospital, and with some of them, we need to be a bit more careful about showing it.

Some words of encouragement or shows of affection could trigger whoever it is you’re visiting there. Being sick is never an easy thing. It can trigger a lot of emotions inside of us and make us act in ways we never would’ve even thought of if we were feeling healthy. We wouldn’t want to stress patients out because empowering sick individuals to recovery is something that we hope our visits will do, after all.

But how can we show our love for those in the hospital? Good thing that Love, Lies & Lab Coats by Dee Bostic is here. It can help readers connect with the characters in the story.

However, that’s not the only thing going on for you as you read through this article. Today, we will actually be talking about ways that we can show people in the hospital our love for them!

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1. Silence Is All That a Friend in Hospital Has to Say

Being able to tolerate each other’s silence is one of the advantages of a committed and long-lasting partnership. They become understood and liberated throughout time from the scripts and expectations of infancy as well as from social norms. As a result, complete presence can occur without the requirement to occupy “dead air space” or the requirement for one person to amuse or divert the other.

Instead, the patient’s and their loved one’s attention can be allowed to wander freely. This allows them to again drift into and out of drug-induced altered states of consciousness or allow talks to unfold in their own good time.

2. Offer Wonderful Surprises

Surprises are one of the easiest methods to express affection, but they are most often forgotten. The presence of something familiar yet out of context possibly brings back pleasant recollections from the past. What this can do is deliver a jolt of joy, and those feel-good chemicals are always beneficial to someone’s health when their tolerance for the surprise or change is taken into consideration.

A safe surprise and a good way to show our love in the hospital is to provide the patients with books. Pick topics that can entertain and keep them engaged. Love, Lies & Lab Coats by Dee Bostic is one of the best ways to display your love for someone in the hospital.

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3. Share Jokes, News, and Your Time With Them

So far, sharing has been the most significant way to express love. Our closest relationships have been maintained by just being there to share their journey and to see and participate in each other’s lives. We want to emphasize once more how important the Swedish proverb is: “Sharing doubles joy and halves grief.

An additional human being to listen to medical professionals, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, watch what is going on, listen while understanding what is going on, and remain attentive when the patient is unable to do so for any reason is a very valuable form of instrumental support.

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We Must Do Our Best to Show Our Love in the Hospital

Being in the hospital isn’t good. Some would even get sick just thinking about being in the hospital. The least that we can do for our loved ones who are admitted to a hospital is to show them our undying love. The least we can do is show them that we are always by their side, no matter what happens.

Do you have someone staying in the hospital? Then we suggest giving them Love, Lies & Lab Coats by Dee Bostic. It’s a beautiful story of love full of entertaining and warm moments that will tug on your heartstrings.

Visit her website at to purchase a copy of the book today. Check out our articles as well and discover how we can eradicate the mental health stigma of schizophrenia!