ReadersMagnet is on a mission to find the right book for every child and encourage reading for pleasure. We have created a list of marvelous picture book reads that will completely captivate and enchant any child. There is plenty to satisfy those who love to feel a chill run down their spine, take off riding a dragon, enjoy mind-boggling adventure, or just want something to tickle their funny bone. ReadersMagnet invites you to peruse these books and find the right stories to put in the hands of your child—complete with a dose of imagination and dash whimsy. Indeed, readers are assured that there’s no shortage of creativity in the world of storytelling. 

How to Mend a Friend by Karl Newson

How to Mend a Friend is a beautiful picture book written as a result of the author’s experience of going through chemotherapy and having friends, old and new, reach out to him in support. A child can instantly relate to the little girl and her animal friends as they explore all the diverse ways in which friends can be there for each other. Karl Newson brilliantly illustrated how different people like to be treated in different ways, which is a great way to help young readers develop empathy and sensitivity towards others. This wonderful book will provide children the opportunity to become more self-aware. Hence, How to Mend a Friend would be a great addition to anyone’s bookshelf. 

You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday by Patricia Cleveland

A mix of crazy escapades, energetic animals who won’t take no for an answer, and enchanting storytelling makes You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday a brilliantly hilarious piece. Take your imagination to a wild adventure with meerkats playing minigolf or an armadillo building a sandcastle. And don’t even imagine an albatross eating candyfloss. Patricia Cleveland packed this recent work with crazy creatures that your energetic child can relate to immensely. You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday is only one of the many books in the ‘Elephant” series. A riotous, laugh-out-loud fun book for your next giggle-worthy read. 

Is It Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza

Is It Santa? is a fun-filled festive adventure of finding the missing cookies. Nelibeth Plaza tells enticing Christmas stories that live beyond the yuletide season. Truth be told, this book is one that can be read during different times of the year, reminding us that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Follow Mya, Charlie, and Jacob as they go on a lively and fun investigation packed with chaos and comedy that will truly entertain younger readers. Is It Santa? is vividly imagined, filled with a warm and utterly enchanting story that has everything you need for a fabulously festive adventure. More Christmassy than a mince pie and crackers, this definitely should be going in a child’s bookshelf for a year of Christmas reading. 

What Did the Tree See? by Charlotte Guillain

What Did the Tree See? will show you that there’s something truly magical with an enormous tree. Guillain narrates a story about a tree that stood in the same spot for hundreds and hundreds of years and stood against the ever-changing weather. This beautifully illustrated picture book shares the life of a tree from just a mere acorn to a majestic oak, answering some of the questions we ask whenever we see old trees: what did the tree see? This fascinating book with rich illustrations explores the historical changes of the community over time. A special and timeless book that will make any child love their youth and nature. 

A Christmas in Time by Sally Nicholls

Christmas and children bring chaos and disorder to the house. Nicholls shares another story following Alex and Ruby. Yet again, they are brought back in another time-slip adventure to a Victorian Christmas through a magical mirror. Nicholls brought together a rich characterization and a detailed journey to the past. This book is an absolute romp of an adventure that is bound to delight and entertain children. A Christmas in Time is a thrilling story that you can’t deserve a spot on your bookshelf.